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Sis Learns about My Size

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No one knew my secret, until that day that my sister really, really had to pee.


By the time I turned 13, I'd realized there was something different about me. I was normal in every respect except for one. I had a huge penis.

Now remember that I was still a kid, not more than five foot two inches tall and around 110 pounds, so the sheer size of my fast growing penis was out of all proportion to my body.

Embarrassed and a little confused by the way my dick had gone from a skinny little four-inch kid sized thing to a thick, pulsating nine-inch monster. It was like somebody had transplanted a giant's penis onto my normal sized body.

For a while I was staggered by this turn of events. Amazed still, I would lie in bed at night, my cock and balls pulled through the fly of my pajamas and I'd stroke it until it stood high and hard. I remember staring at it, in shock, wondering where exactly this alien being had come from and why it had chosen my body to claim to stake its claim.

I was, admittedly, of two minds about it. On the one hand, I was more than a little freaked out by my giant penis (which is how I then referred to it in my own mind, though never once out loud). On the other hand, that giant penis provided me with a tremendous amount of pleasure. I would lie atop the covers at night, my bedside lamp turned low, and I'd stroke it, often using two hands to wrap around it, just one of my smallish hands being wholly insufficient for the task. As I stroked it, it would pulse and throb, the head of it expanding by a third or more, as I neared climax.

And when I came it was spectacular, a true fountain of come spurting out of my cock, a display that would go on for thirty seconds from first spurt to last trickle. Sometimes I'd be totally naked and soak myself in it, carefully avoiding the bedclothes, which I found were much harder to deal with. Other times I'd be prepared, coming into a hand towel I kept by the bed just for this purpose. When I did that, I always felt a little disappointed, because, to be honest, I really loved the display of my shooting.

As much as I was enthralled by my cock, I did my best to hide it from everyone.

At school I showered quickly and always with my back to others, hiding my lower body with a towel whenever the other kids were nearby. At home I always locked my bedroom door and learned to wear loose fitting clothes and never ever leave my bedroom or bathroom undressed.

Eventually, my secret would become known to one other person in the world, a person, in fact, in my my own family, a person, in fact who was my sister. Amy was a year older than me and, the truth be told, she was the best sister a kid could ever have.

When it happened, it was late spring and I was in the tub taking my evening bath. Sis and I shared a twin-entry upstairs bathroom-one door opened from my room and one from hers. Mom and Dad's bathroom was down on the fist floor. Even though I was getting older, I still mostly took baths and not showers, in large part because it was a great way to spend some quality time with my new best friend.

On this particular evening Mom and Dad were getting ready to go out and their bathroom, our backup in case of emergencies, was occupied.

The first I knew of this was when I heard Amy knocking urgently on the door from her room, telling me that she 'had to go, no kidding,' telling frantically that the other bathroom was occupied. 'I'm coming in,' she informed me, and the next thing I know, the door was opening.

Now, as usual, I'd been playing with my giant penis while I 'bathed,' so it was fully erect. As I heard Amy enter, I quickly and without thinking got up, water splashing everywhere, grabbed the shower curtain and started to close it.

As I did, however, one of the hooks caught on the rod and stuck. And the curtain slipped out of my hand. I turned my head, and there was sis, staring at my cock, a full frontal view for her, her eyes cartoonishly wide open, shocked beyond words at what she was seeing.

I stood there and then, very deliberately, freed the curtain, pulled it closed, and then sat back down in the tub and waited to see what would happen.

A moment passed I heard the trickle of sis peeing. This, I'm a bit ashamed to admit, just made me harder.

When she was done, which did indeed take a long time, I heard her say, 'Michael? Michael, can I talk to you?'

'What?' I responded somewhat sullenly, wondering just what she wanted to talk to me about.

'Can I open the curtain so I can see your face?'

The cat was out of the bag, so what the hell. 'Sure,' I answered.

She slid open the curtain, much further than she needed to in order to see 'my face' and proceeded to scan down my body until she spotted it, jutting out of the transparent water. Her eyes fixed on it for a moment, and then I heard her emit an involuntary groan, a guttural sound that I'm certain she had no idea she was making until it was over.

Startled by hearing it herself, she suddenly redirected her view to my face and tried to get ahold of herself. 'Michael, first, I'm sorry about barging in on you. I just really had to pee. I hope you understand. I really am sorry.'

I nodded. I knew she was.

She thought for a second and then said, 'I just want to ask you something, if that's okay?'

'I guess . . . ' I replied, completely unsure of what might be coming next.

'Michael,' she asked, choosing her words deliberately, 'am I the first person to see it, I mean that, er, your cock, penis?' (I teased her for years later by referring to it as my 'cock/penis.')

I didn't hesitate, 'Yes.'

Right away I felt a sense of relief. Someone else finally knew.

'I mean, do mom and dad know?' she asked and then laughed. 'I mean, not that you have a penis. I'm pretty sure they know that . . .'she giggled. She righted herself and asked straight out. 'Do they know it's so . . . she searched for a word . . . 'huge?'

'No,' I answered directly.

She looked me straight in the eye, waited, fixing herself to ask a hard question: 'Can I see it?' As though she hadn't already seen it.

'Okay, I guess,' I answered, half wanting to let my sister, whom I loved, have something she clearly wanted and half just wanting the thrill of showing it off to her.

She pulled the curtain open and, apparently assuming that 'seeing' it involved touching it, reached out boldly, put her hand around the shaft and gave it a squeeze.

Her breath quickened. 'Oh my fucking god,' she said, as though she'd only now convinced herself that it was an actual organ and not some kind of waking dream.

And she kept her hand right there and scooted closer to it, leaning in over the edge of the tub. She started to stroke it.

'How long has it been . . . this way?' she asked.

'For about six months,' I answered, between my own quickening breaths. 'It just started . . . happening . . . one day and never, gawd, stopped.'

Then sis, confident now that I was not offended by her handling of my penis, reached over, squeezed some hair conditioner from the bottle and started rubbing it all around the shaft of my cock.

'You don't mind this, do you? she asked, though it was clearly a formality. She never even bothered to take her eyes of it. In any case, by then my eyes were closed, my head was back and I was just along for the ride.

Unable to speak, I answered simply by raising my hips so that my cock was completely out of the water and let have complete access.

'Oh god, oh god oh god,' I repeated, as she guided me closer and closer to orgasm. 'Amy, I think I'm going to come,' I stuttered, trying to impart the significance of what that meant.

'Good,' she said, 'come for me, Michael.'

'Amy,' I groaned, '. . . Amy, I come . . . ugh, I come a lot.'

She looked over at me, but before she could respond, it started. She quickly looked back to my cock, never once, bless her soul, stopping the action. As she stroked, it erupted, going everywhere, into the bath, on to my chest, into Amy's hair and even on her blouse. It lasted a long time, and by the time it was over, my come was everywhere.

She finally stopped, her hand still on my cock. 'Holy fucking shit, Michael,' she uttered, paused, and then, as though unable to come up with a more cogent comment, simply repeated, 'Holy fucking shit.'

That's the last we said to each other. We hastily got cleaned up. I ran the shower and rinsed off under it, and sis got a damp cloth and cleaned the stuff off of her blouse.

By the time we got our act together and went downstairs, Mom and Dad were just heading out the door. They said hastily said their goodbyes and were gone, leaving Amy and me standing there in the kitchen having no idea what to say, how to continue this new world we found ourselves inhabiting.

Somehow, I knew what to say. 'Wanna watch some TV?' I smiled.

She came over, put her arms around me and gave me a warm, sisterly hug.

'I'd love that,' she said.

And that's just what we did.

That night, at least.



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