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Showing It Off In The Car

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Showing It Off In The Car
A while ago I read an interesting story which inspired me to try something myself. I have been trying to setup an "accidental" viewing of me stroking my cock in my car. When I am in the mood, if I spot a woman who catches my fancy who is driving a van, jeep, or other tall vehicle, I will drive in the lane to the left of her and begin.
I want it to seem like they have caught me in the act by accident. I don't want them to think I am going to follow them home or something. I am really just interested in putting on a harmless little show for them, without them knowing it's deliberate.
It seems that most drivers are not very observant. Many of the women simply did not even notice what was going on. All they had to do was look into the car next to them, but they missed it. However, some women do notice. It's their reaction that I love. Once I can tell they are watching it gets really fun.
I will tell you about my most recent and exciting experience. It was about 7 pm and it was dark outside. Driving along I noticed a Suzuki Samurai type jeep with an attractive girl driving. She looked about 25 and had straight, light brown hair that was tied back. She wore glasses and had a nice face. I saw her at the stoplight looking down into her lap and then looking out her window at me and at other things. I wondered what she was doing. I imagined that she was doing something naughty and it got me started. As I had seen her looking around out her window, I figured she was observant and would not miss something going on in the car beside her. I decided to go for it. It took a few minutes to get past some traffic and into the left lane position. Then, as we were driving through an area that had little traffic, but bright street lights, I began.
I reclined the seat back a little. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down past my knees. I was semi-hard at this point and I pulled down my boxers and took hold of my cock with my right hand and simply squeezed and held it and shook it a little as I drove beside her. For the first little while, she didn't notice. I would glance over at her quickly to see if she was looking. I didn't want her to catch me looking back at her because it was supposed to be an "accident". Then, I caught her looking! I saw the expression on her face change. I swear it looked like she was thinking "that's interesting, I can't stop looking", behind her attempt to suppress her reaction. I pumped my cock with long strokes. I allowed my sounds and facial expressions to happen in front of her. It was exciting. We stopped at a stop light and I could see out of the corner of my eye that as soon as we stopped she turned right away to stare at me. It was great. She was obviously very interested and seemed to stay with me (cars side by side) for a while. I glanced back at her again and this time she saw me looking her way. She turned her head away but turned her head right back when I looked away from her. This time I knew I had the attention and interest. It was great.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the finale, because a damn bus got in the way and she turned down another street. Needless to say, I was very hot and bothered, so I pulled off down a side street, stopped the car, and stroked my cock in my car as I thought about her and what she might have been thinking. I imagined her getting herself off later that evening thinking about what she saw. That was it. I groaned and erupted white, warm semen all over my hands and stomach. It felt incredible.
I am interested to hear from any women who have comments, or have seen this kind of thing themselves, or have "performed" in a similar way before. How would you feel if you saw this? What would you do during or afterwards? Can you think of other ways/places that would make for nice setups for being "caught" in the act?




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