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Showering With AL

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Last year my parents were going away for four days on a business related trip. Although I was perfectly able, at the age of eighteen, to stay by myself, I preferred to stay with my aunt Lisa who only lived a few blocks away. I would then have some company and someone to talk to. Also, Aunt Lisa is my favorite aunt. Very attractive, great figure and a terrific personality. She is my mom's younger sister by three years which would make her about thirty eight. I packed up enough clothes for four days and headed over to Aunt Lisa's house.

Starting now I'll simply refer to her as AL. AL has a beautiful house and a husband who is never home. She has a walk-in shower enclosure that could easily hold four people together. The first night after dinner I told AL I was getting my shower. I was totally unprepared for what happened shortly afterward. As I'm lathering up in comes AL totally naked and asks if she can join me. What was I supposed to say? I just said sure. We showered together and chatted. AL's body was outstanding in all respects. I tried my very best not to look at her sexual parts but it was difficult. I clearly saw her checking me out. I have a good figure but I was still very embarrassed. I also realized that I was getting just a bit turned on by being naked with AL. I didn't think this was a good way to be feeling. Nieces don't get turned on by their aunts, or so I thought.

Showering was uneventful and we both dried off and got into our pj's. Night number two was a repeat of the first night except that AL commented on my figure while staring directly at my tits. I returned the compliment while feeling myself becoming more aroused than last night.

After showering with AL I considered going to bed early and playing with myself but AL wanted me to join her in watching a particular show on TV.

Night number three was way way different. AL suggested that we lather each other up. Boy, did I immediately feel the butterflies in my tummy. I knew after she said that, that I was quickly becoming really aroused. My nipples probably went erect as soon as I heard the suggestion. I didn't say anything, I actually felt my knees go weak. I think that AL took my silence as a 'yes' because she then took the soap and lathered up her hands.

She told me to turn round and she began rubbing soap on my neck and shoulders. AL moved down to my back and then my lower back. I then felt her hands cover my rear. I was now truely excited sexually. She slowly rubbed my rear and then the inside of my thighs. My heart was pounding now. AL nudged the inside of my thighs and I slightly spread my legs. I felt the tip of her fingers brush my pussy and then she ran a finger up my butt crack. I could feel her fingertip touching my butt hole and I thought I might just pee but I didn't.

AL then stopped and had me turn around facing her. She then started applying soap with her hands and fingers to my shoulders and across the top of my chest. Slowly her hands moved down to my tits and her palms and fingers caressed my very hard nipples. AL then did my belly and my hips. Now her hands went to my thighs and again I slightly spread my legs. She rubbed the inside of my thighs and then I felt her fingers running over my pussy. She gently tugged on my pussy hair. Her finger went into my slit and up to my clit but for just a short amount of time. I thought I would explode I was that stimulated.

AL then stopped and told me to do her. I totally couldn't believe that she abruptly stopped. I was terribly frustrated but I then rubbed her body as she had rubbed mine. I loved the feel of her hard nipples and I flicked each with my fingertip. I think that when I got to her pussy I rubbed a bit longer than she rubbed me. Actually I very much wanted to shove several fingers up her hole and finger fuck her but I didn't because she didn't do it to me.

We then dried each other and that's when AL really started touching me. She asked if I would like to go to her room. What a dumb question, I was dying to go to her room. We then enjoyed each other sexually for well over an hour and we ended the session by masturbating each other to orgasm. It was fantastic! We slept together that night and the next morning we again had sex and brought each other to orgasm as we massaged each others clits while we finger fucked ourselves.

I asked AL if we could do this again some time later. She said let's not ruin a good thing and reminded me that she was my mom's sister. I would now very much like to experience sex with another woman and maybe one closer to my age. I hope it happens.



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