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Showered With Compliments

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This is a true story, which happened on Thursday 20th!


My friend Chris and myself aren't the hottest, most popular guys in College, but we're nice and slim and on Thursday evenings we hit the local leisure centre for an hour's swimming. A week ago last Thursday I felt a bit unwell half an hour in so took an early shower. Chris followed me in a few moments later asking where I was, and I called 'around the corner showering, but don't come and find me!'. Here, the changing room was separated from the showers by a protruding, tiled wall. There were three open showers, another wall, then two further showers which were controlled by one switch and gave a bigger spray, used for fathers and their multiple kids, I think. It was because of the extra privacy I used this one; the light was turned off as it's an on-request facility. I was masturbating, trying to recover from a nauseous feeling.

Anyway I left the shower a few minutes later and walked into the changing room with only my hands covering my specials. Chris jokingly wolf-whistled and said what a nice figure I had been hiding. He was naked, his penis was similar to mine, only with him being of mixed race, his was darker.

On a message service that evening, we had a chat. He asked what I was doing for so long in the shower, I hadn't realised it had been thirty minutes I'd spent in there! I confessed what I'd been doing, and told him how the darkness made it so erotic and a new level of wonderful. He seemed intrigued. So much so that he told me the next week he'd join me!

We met in College several times over the following week as usual, and the subject wasn't even hinted at. On Thursday, however, he broke the silence and said 'I've been thinking in bed this morning about later. I'm really hyped up about the shower thing!'. He blushed a little, and I boldly said without paying it much thought 'Let's do it mutual!'. He grinned, telling me it was a great idea. We patted each other on the back and headed for our lectures.

I texted him before I headed for the pool asking 'Yo m8, stil up 4 the fun l8r? Mutual r not? Wat u say? Mikey.' He replied about a minute later: 'Mikey dude! I'll do u, u do me, catch u in the showers at 9!'. I was buzzing ever since I read the message! I didn't see him before getting in the pool; only his bag and clothing on one of the benches.

I swam, used the jacuzzi for a bit, and finally the clock said 9:00pm. I climbed out and walked along the length of the pool to the men's changing room.

No one was in there at all, only our belongings were left. Sure, the pool closed, but the gym would be open until 11:00pm, and so as a result the showers would be. Ah well, I thought, maybe just a quiet night.

Then I noticed the subtle, muted sound of a distant shower. Ah hah, I thought, Chris is in! I walked to the far showers in just my shorts; I had an erection at this point. It was very dark, I could just make out the glint of the falling spray catching one of the striplights from above the benches. I couldn't see Chris, but a gentle touch on my shoulder told me he was behind me. Nothing was said, I felt his hand run down my back to my waist where he felt my shorts. His hands scooped inside and gripped, pulling the shorts down to my feet. I reached for him; my hands found his erection! He let out a deep sigh. We were ready.

We grasped each other's erections with our right hands, and caressed each other all over with the left, moving together under the showers. We began slowly, gradually getting faster and using more and more pressure.

Our breaths increased in frequency and shortness; in minutes, we both spasmed together. Then utter bliss and violent bodily shudders; we orgasmed!

I didn't quite know what to do from here; I mumbled 'Gee, thanks Chris, wow!' and sort of fell towards him. I decided to try a kiss; we made out for a good ten minutes.

He held my hands and we walked into the light, where at last we could see one another, and where the unwritten silence ended. We thanked each other, and spoke about how incredible it was. He asked if it made us gay, I assured him we were just open, experimenting, trying out feelings. He seemed to like that one. I turned to face him and we made out some more, our now-limp penises rubbing as we slid our slippery bodies up and down one another.

We're not homosexual, nor bisexual. We aren't attracted to each other, but now we know we can give each other wonderful orgasms. I'm sleeping over at his later, as we have tomorrow off College. I'll write more if anything else happens.

Happy masturbating, guys and girls, and thanks for the tips we've gained from reading these pages!



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