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Shower Beat Reminder

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Why 'shower beat' does it solo?


When I read 'shower beat' today, it brought back memories of my past that it could have been me in her shower. Like her husband, I would wank in the shower without my wife (at the time) knowing about it. Unlike the bride in shower beat, my first wife didn't want sex more than a couple of times a month. She never masturbated by herself EVER and was not keen on me doing myself in her presence or in assisting me with that 'gross and disgusting behavior.'

Speaking as a well practiced male, there are four general ways to have an orgasm. First there is the quick wank in the shower just to get my nut off. This is just to start the day and get relaxed a bit, but is not usually too intense. Second is the solo wank with some sort of fantasy or visual stimulus like a video. This is usually much more intense and satisfying than the quick wank in the shower but rare because of lack of private time alone. Third is actual sex with my current wife. This is better by far than the shower, but at times when I concentrate on what she is feeling during our lovemaking or what I can do to enhance her pleasure, I can get the timing a bit off and miss out on some of the fun of concentrating on my own enjoyment. Like my first wife, she will not masturbate on her own, but does allow me to spoil her with special attention to really get her off on occasion. Sex with her is great, but I get more pleasure from her orgasms by paying attention to her needs and sacrificing my own just a bit.

I still spend private time in the shower and I always thought that my current wife would not understand that I needed just to get off and that I was not in any way avoiding sex with her. This brings me to the fourth and most intense orgasm. I got caught in the shower by my wonderful bride and had to explain the situation to her. She now understands that I desire an orgasm more frequently than she does and that the shower is how I handle that after having had to explain a couple of wet dreams and where the spot in the sheets came from. She will now join me in the shower on occasion or sometimes just start something in different places for my pleasure alone. The best male orgasm by far is the one done by your partner allowing you to be totally selfish and enjoy the feelings completely. She has learned what touches I like and knows that I will never stray because of the tender caresses that she uses to bring me to a really explosive unload of all tension.

Moral of the story: SHOWER BEAT, sneak into the bath room the next time you know your wonderful hubby is getting in a quick unwind in the shower. Be totally naked in advance and ready to catch him early so he doesn't come in the middle of a red-faced and embarrassed apology. (kinda like interrupting a sneeze). Tell him you understand and join him. Ask him just what you can do to help him to the best mind numbing unwind his day ever started with. He is just afraid you won't understand and is sparing you the pain of his rejection for a bit of private fun. You don't need to join him every time. Just once in a while. After you get him comfortable with that, ask him to return the favor. Show him EXACTLY what you want him to do to give you your own turn at mind bending orgasms that are for you only. Sex is great, but orgasms that are selfishly enjoyed to the max are the best.

Post back with the results when you see the smile on his face



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