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Reading the story by Masturbation Boy about showing each other reminded me of a surprise time in my life!


I'll get back to some experiences about Tom, Becky and me later. This is another, almost innocent experience that happened with me.
I was 15 and my folks and I were visiting friends down the street. They had 2 girls, one was 3 years older than me and the other was about 3 years younger. This experience happened with the younger girl I'll call Jill.
Behind Jill's house was a farm field, some bushes and some small trees. We were sitting in a small tree and were basically hidden from the house and anyone else. She had a doll or something and were talking. She said, 'If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell?' I told her sure. She said she was playing in the same tree with another boy about her age and he unzipped and showed his wiener to her. She said that he told her that whenever she was in the tree with another boy, she should tell him that he had to show her too.
I told her that I wouldn't do it because he said I had to, but I would do it because she asked and I wanted to. She smiled and said ok. I told her I'd like to see her too and she grinned again. I told her let's do it together and she said sure.
I started to unzip and she was staring at me. I said go ahead and take your pants down too, and she started to pull her shorts down, leaving her panties covering her. I had left my briefs covering me, but you could easily see my 5 inch dick sticking out hard as a rock. I said 'Let's pull our underwear down at the count of three, 1-2-3!' We both pulled down our underwear and she stared at my hard dick. She said, 'Wow, that is bigger than xxxxx!' (I can't remember his name!)
I knew from experience that I was average in size, but I was basking in her view. She asked me if she could touch me and I told her that she could if I could touch her. She reached out and gingerly touched me. I told her to put her hand around it, which she did. I reached over and began to rub her little slit and was in heaven. She was concentrating on feeling my dick. She told me that she didn't get to feel the other boy's and I just smiled and said she could touch mine anytime.
I showed her how to stroke me gently, and asked her to start moving faster. I pressed on her little clit and rubbed gently and could see she sucked her breath in, closed her eyes and stopped moving her hand on my dick. I rubbed her harder and faster and could feel her wetness on my finger.
I gently pushed my finger tip into her, letting out more of her wetness. She was going limp and her hand slipped to her side as I continued to rub her. I used my other hand to gently tweak the nipple on her left chest. I can't say breast because she didn't really have more than a small bump there. Her breath was coming faster and faster as she got closer to her orgasm. Finally it broke and she nearly screamed, but had enough sense not to.
I let her rest a minute as I gently stroked her slit with one hand and my dick with the other. Soon her eyes opened and she took a deep breath and pushed my hand away. She said she wanted to play with me now. I said sure, and showed her how to stroke and play with me. I showed her how to hold my balls in her left hand as she stroked me with her right.
She was really intrigued with both my dick and balls and was watching everything closely. I began to leak pre-cum, a lot of it. Her eyes got huge as she saw it beginning to drip off of the end. I took some on my finger and licked it and offered some to her. She sniffed it and gently put out her tongue and touched it like it might be something really bad. She smacked her lips and said that tasted good. I told her to lick it from the tip and she did! When I felt her tongue touch the tip I nearly came!
I told her that I was going to spurt some cum out of my dick and she should continue stroking me and move her face back. She told me she wanted to see that and said I should make myself do it. I took over from her and leaned back, staring at her still bare pussy with the wet lips. She started rubbing herself as I stroked my dick. Soon I told her I was going to spurt! I shot about 3 streams of cum and then dribbled a little more all over my hand.
Her eyes got so big and she started to shake as she came again. I loved watching her face flush and her legs shake as I watched the moisture drip from her little slit. She crossed her legs and said how good it felt and how she liked watching me.
This was the start of several meetings with her, though we never did anything more than play with each other and masturbate for each other. I really loved doing it with her!



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