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Show and Don't Tell

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Hi. Thanks for this site! It is awesome. Now, whenever I feel like masturbating, I reserve some personal PC time in the afternoon, grab the box of wipes, my variable speed battery operated little silver egg vibrator, and gear up for my little strip tease and Jilling while reading other people's stories. But before I went for another round, I wanted to make sure this awesomely hot situation of mine got posted.
By the way, I'm about 5'8, I weigh around 146 (trust me, it's right for my frame), my skin is very fare, my tits are Ds, I'm a brunette, and my pubic hair is always in a sort of rounded triangle type shape. Sorry, I love my bush. So we live upstairs, me and my cat Ruthie, from this woman named Sieschvada. She was born in one of those Soviet Republics, and she moved her when she was like 18. Now, she's about my age, around 27. She's got issues with make-up use. She could use more, but that's me. I mean, she's not ugly. Sieschvada works out at the gym like three times a week. She brings guys home, but not that often, and when they're over, I don't think they do much. I mean, I don't think she sleeps with them. Belive me, our floors are really thin, so I'd be able to hear it. I have heard her use a vibrator for like 45 minutes about two months ago. I mean I guess it was a vibrator, although I didn't hear her moan any. And she may have heard mine, but she's never said so.
So I'm thinking she's one of these very particular type, someone who chooses who they hang with very carefully or maybe they like to be by themselves more than anything else. But then just two weeks ago, Sieschvada comes up, and asks me if I would help her with this homework she has to do for these online business courses she's taking. I guess her English skill is good, but not good enough to write the sort of responses that her professors are looking for. Well I had nothing else to do, so I locked my door, and followed her downstairs.
Sieschvada was dressed in a baggy pair of shorts, a blue tank top, and no bra. She's about a C cup almost. She leads me to this room at the end of the hall, and I take a seat by her computer. She starts showing me what she has to write about, and she tells me what she wants to say. After a while, Sieschvada gets into this position in her office chair, and I can totally see that she's got no panties under her shorts. Then I found myself trying not to notice that she is not naturally blonde. So then I start making an effort to look in another direction while she starts typing some stuff into the computer, and my gaze happens to fall on this eight-inch tall vibrator that just happens to be standing on the end table by her couch. So I start thinking about what she might be thinking about, without trying to assume anything. I mean, it's Sieschvada's apartment; she can leave stuff out in the open if she'd like. And just because she's dressed comfortably, and has her vibrator within hands reach, doesn't mean she wants me to join her for anything.
So me being nosey, I ask about what else she might do with her computer, what 'sites' she might visit on her free time. But Sieschvada doesn't give me anymore to go on. Now, between my helping her out with her homework, my mind starts wandering. I've been spending a lot of time reading the Female/Female stories on the site, so my imagination starts getting me all juicy. Before, I never would have felt comfortable with even the idea of hooking up with another woman. But now I wanted to find out for sure, so I was wishing that Sieschvada would try something, anything. So I thought I'd come right out and ask about that vibrator that was just sitting there.
Sieschvada proceeds to tell me that she uses it to massage her back, because it gets really sore from her job. So I laugh disbelievingly. She asks why, and I tell her that there are plenty of other tools specifically for your back. Sieschvada said that she didn't understand, so I filled her in on the hows and what fors about what her 'back massager' was designed to do. Well oh my God, she got so red. Sieschvada was really embarrassed, but after a while I got her to laugh about it.
By that point, Sieschvada was about done as far as thinking about business administration was concerned. So we start talking about guys, Russian men, American men, successes, failures, good sex, bad sex, and all that. Finally, it's me that brings up masturbation, and Sieschvada is about as oblivious to that as she was to the true usefulness of her back massager. I tell her about good it is to enjoy yourself, just you, your fantasies, and your tools. Sieschvada asks me about what I use. I describe it to her, and then she politely asks if she could see it. So I'm like...okay, does she really have an ulterior motive for my being down here or is she genuinely unaware of how horny she's just made me? Either way, I play along, and I go back upstairs to get my toy.
I come back to her place, toting a bag that contains my silver egg and a box of wipes. I sit on her couch, take the items out of the bag, and pull out a wipey from the box. I wipe my little egg, the wire, and the speed control button, and then I hand it to her. Sieschvada inspects it, finds the speed dial, and then presses the egg against the back of her neck. I tried not to laugh, but it was difficult. While she looks all bewildered, I take it back from her, and I try to demonstrate how I use it. But it's kind of hard because my clothes were on. I told Sieschvada that I couldn't really explain it without being naked, and after a pause she decided to change the topic.
But not even five minutes into the next topic Sieschvada tells me that it would be okay if I got undressed. I saw that her knees were shaking a little when she said it, and I have to admit that so were mine as I got half undressed. I took off my jeans and panties, and got comfortable. I decided to just go through the motions, and not say anything, unless she had any questions. So first I lick my fingers, play with my lips, and kind of play with my anus. Then I grab the egg, set it on low, and use it to tease my clit out from under the hood. That was one of my more favorite things to do, and I couldn't believe Sieschvada was watching me do it.
After a while, I had decided to take off my shirt and bra because it wouldn't be complete without sucking on my own tits for a while. By then my eyes were closed, and I'd say that I was moaning a little. When I opened them again, Sieschvada happened to be seated on the floor right in front of me. Her face was about four inches away from my wet pussy, and I was starting to mentally beg her to taste it. Instead, Sieschvada looked me straight in the eye, and then started to take off her clothes. Then she reached for her vibrator, and turned it on. But then she didn't do anything but sit there. It was like she was completely helpless. She even had this really lost look in her face. So I just took it from her, and gave her mine. Sieschvada watched me a while longer as I got into using hers the way a girl is supposed to. Well I was so wet that her toy went right in me. I tried to keep my eyes open so that I could see what she was doing. I noticed that a small pool of Sieschvada's juice was seeping into the rug, and that she was shivering with each stroke that she took in fitting my silver egg into her pussy. That's when I came. And as I watched Sieschvada, I made myself come twice more.
Then I took a big chance. I joined her on the floor, and started touching her tits. That's when Sieschvada told me I could do anything I wanted, anything but kiss her. So that's what I did. I touched every part of her my fingers could reach. I was seriously enjoying her tits, and I liked coiling her pussy hair around my fingers. Then I had to know whether I could handle the taste of pussy. So I started by putting my fingers in, and then licking them clean, and then inserting them again. Well that just made me so much hornier. I don't know what happened to me then. I dragged Sieschvada up onto the couch, and I just started licking her clit the way I want mine licked, and I put my little silver egg back into her. Man did she love that. After a while, Sieschvada took the control, and I think she came about three times. I decided then to grab her vibrator, and I basically started fucking it while I ate Sieschvada some more.
By that point, Sieschvada had come again, and I was so hot that I had started to eat her ass hole. That led to my third and best orgasm. And I don't know what else to write at this point because I just had to stop and get myself off again. How does the story end with Sieschvada? I'll let you know. She's coming over tomorrow night.



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