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Shouting Out Loud

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I developed early and had a massive sex drive. (Still do) In fact, right now, I would be described as a slut, I think.

When I was 15 I was so utterly frustrated. The only relief I got was from my own fingers. (I was educated in a very expensive school as a day student and driven to and from school by a very over protective mother.)

We live on a large farm and on it is a barn that was built in Norman times. It is very large, built out of flint and as it is far too small for modern day farming, totally empty. I would walk there some afternoons, a matter of half a mile or so from the house. I could see for miles around. (Norman barns were also defensive in nature and often built on a hilltop with a good view all around).

At first, I would go there just to masturbate where I could make some noise. This particular day as I left the house and walked past the two fields immediately behind the house it was that time of year. The ram was in with the ewes and he was climbing from one to another. But what really got me wet was our horses. The stallion was mounting one of the mares. He was massively erect and she was producing a steady flow of lubrication from her vagina. I waited long enough to see him serve her. When he withdrew a lot of his sperm came with him. How horny was THAT.

So I got off to the barn, but this time, I stripped totally naked. I stood on the second floor and next to a window. Then for some reason I started to shout every obscene word I could, over and over, louder and louder. I started making up really disgusting senteces starting with 'Fuck me. Fuck me hard' But it got worse and soon I was yelling 'Rape me, fuck me in the arse, cum up my cunt and make me pregnant' Finally, 'FUCKING SCREW MY WET TIGHT CUNT.' Then I went for my pussy and started jilling still yelling. (I was actually imagining the stallion fucking me) Then I yelled 'Shag me and cum in me' and a voice said.. 'Ok.' I yelped and looked around and saw my kid brother! He was only 13 but the little sod had followed me. Well, I was well and truly busted. I was stark naked, hand between my legs and yelling like a slut. I knew he would tell on me, but I had to ask him not to. To my amazement he agreed if I would show him what I was doing and tell him about it.

For the next hour, I showed him my body and how I like to touch myself. He got a hard on of course and I jacked him off. I guess there wasn't much there yet because although he kind of spasmed, he didn't shoot sperm. Not that time, anyway. I let him finger me, and rub up against me and finally, I orgasmed in front of him.

As the next two years went by we did more together.. a lot more. But it was my explosion of sexuality that really began that day. I developed a real hunger for sex, anytime, anyplace anywhere. What really gets me off is being watched masturbating and I think it came from that day.

So far, I have done it in school in car parks in front of total stangers, and even let total strangers masturbate me. (and more, but that's not for here)

I totally love masturbation. I can make it last for hours on end cumming often or I can cum in mere seconds. I have tuned my body to a high degree and can orgasm merely by squeezing my thighs together. A couple of times I have had an orgasm merely through what I was thinking about, but that takes absolute concentration.

Hey ho.. well, my knickers are wet again and I need to take care of myself.



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