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Short Shorts, Long Wait

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I didn't figure out how to masturbate until I had already started having wet dreams. Frankly, I was a bit of a computer nerd, back in the early 1980s, when there weren't that many of them. I was lucky because I wasn't fat-I played sports all the time when I wasn't on my computer-but I didn't really have any social skills or understand the changes that were overtaking me. I got significantly taller in the summer between seventh and eighth grade and I started to develop but I honestly was more concerned about how high I could score on Asteroids than figuring out how to use my new, longer, thicker cock or my swelling, bursting balls.

Melissa, the girl next door, was a year older than me and she only lived part of the year in my town-her parents were divorced and she spent the other part of the year in California, where it was sunny, living with her mom. She always came over to play video games and to each chocolate chip cookies and she would sit next to me for hours-a total champ at playing with the computer-and I was just oblivious to the fact that she was a girl.

She noticed that summer when I was so much taller than I had been, and I think it intimidated her a little bit-she suddenly wasn't in charge so much because she was older-more of a typical strength relationship between the genders. I suspect she decided she'd get even with me by using her own developing body to put me back on the defensive.

Later that summer I started noticing her legs. It seemed almost like she had grown a few inches herself-I can still see them as plain as day-long, lightly-muscled, glowing slightly with a tan and lanky, even a bit knock-kneed. I didn't understand what I was feeling at first when I started to notice them-I just knew that I was noticing them.

My cock figured things out a little ahead of me and I started getting boners that swelled up my own not-so-very-big shorts, until my package was visibly tenting out. I was embarassed, of course, and tried to hide my state, but Melissa obviously was getting the response she wanted and pressed ahead with her plan.

I was wearing particularly tight soccer shorts one afternoon when she came over to play video games and she must have been wearing the shortest shorts I'd ever seen-I was getting the idea now, when I saw the smooth and curvy shape of her butt cheeks peeking out from underneath the bottom seam of her shorts and the diamond where her legs gapped apart before they converged into her private parts, my dick shot straight out-almost comically.

I immediately suggested a video game and, to my relief, Melissa agreed. This time, though, she sat down next to me on the couch. I was sitting indian style and my left knee was pressed against her upper thigh.

I felt this writhing sensation in my stomach and I looked down to see my dick bouncing around convulsively in my shorts and then I let out a small cry of surprise when I just started to cum, cum, cum inside my pants. Melissa was looking straight at my crotch and giggling as my balls emptied out into my undies and cum started to seep out (not so she could see it).

I was totally alarmed and humiliated because I thought I had just peed on myself and I ran to the bathroom to investigate.

The smell of my own cum freaked me out a little-I knew what it was, more or less, from sex ed classes, but I didn't realize there would be so much, or that it would have a bleachy and earthy smell. I cleaned up in haste and tried my best to regain my composure before I went back out into the living room.

'Is everything OK?' Melissa asked. She was still giggling and I was so embarrassed.

'Oh, fine. I just had to pee really bad,' I told her.

'Oh, OK!' she said, nodding like she didn't believe me. 'Whatever.'

We played games for a while longer and then she went home-I had an erection the whole time and every time she brushed against me, I shuddered and worried that she could smell my musky scent.

I could barely sleep for days after that-I didn't know how to bring about the thing that had happened, nor how to make my erection go down, nor was I courageous enough to call Melissa up to see her again. She, however, still had a score to settle-I had grown and she was going to shrink me back into my place one way or another. I still didn't understand the sexual power dynamics at work, but I did have a good time with what happened next.

Melissa showed up with a pitcher of iced tea and wearing REALLY short and super thin Madras shorts. I was taking no chances these days and I had on a pear of thick corduroy shorts-it was a bit hotter than I wanted, but I thought it would contain my cock. I was so wrong. As we sat on my parents' porch swing, she sidled over to me and put her hand on my knee and I could actually watch the hem of my shorts slide up my thigh as my dick bulged out.

'Seems like somebody's getting a boner,' she said.

My face flushed and I turned away.

'I like it,' she told me. 'I like it that I did that to you.'

I was so embarassed-I wanted to hide my face but when I turned around, her big blue eyes were trained on me and she reached over and put an arm around my shoulders and started rubbing my back.

'I like you,' she said, looking suddenly a little flustered herself. 'I want to see you with a boner.'

I looked down and saw that her shorts weren't even to the bottom of her ass. This was way before girls had started rolling waistbands-I don't know how she jacked them up so high. But suddenly I saw a glimpse of her pink and white horizontal-striped panties and I just started to groan and shudder.

'Sssh!' she urged, grinning slightly. 'Somebody will hear.'

I couldn't help it. I was finally closing the circuit between my friend's body and my cock.

'You have to make it go away,' she said, 'or somebody will see!' She had a playful sense of urgency in her voice. Before I could stop her, she reached over with her hand and placed it on my package, rubbing her nails, probably inadvertently against the corduroy. I started to feel that clenching sensation under the weight and warmth of her hand and I tried to suppress my groan.

'Ohhhh...' I said, powerless to stop what was happening.

'Quiet!' she insisted-clearly enjoying the game, playing up her frustration with my condition. 'Somebody will see,' she said. I noticed her own voice was a little shaky. She wiggled her hand and gripped my cock through the shorts for emphasis and said, 'Stop it!'

I went off with her holding me-my spine and perineum all started burning and my ass tightened up and I just spurted out pulse after pulse of my juice into Melissa's hand. Her eyes widened with surprise and amazement as she felt the wetness and the heat through my shorts and she, too, was overtaken by an involuntary shudder. I don't think she had any idea that what she was doing would provoke the messy and immediate response that it did ... I came for almost fifteen seconds, pulsing and jizzing and then dry-cumming until I was apparently red in the face.

This time I wasn't so lucky-my cockhead had been outside my tighty whities (which were still small sized like I had been back in the Spring) and my jizz was all over my thighs and dripping down towards my knee.

Melissa saw some of my cum seeping out and-this time she didn't fake it-she recoiled in horror and then turned red and said she had to go home. I ran inside to clean myself up-not sure of what to do next...

... a lot more happened though, and I would love to tell you all the details, but writing this has gotten my thirtysomething cock just as hard and out of control as when I was a skinny teenager, and I need to take care of that. Please write a comment if you want more ... it's a turn-on to relive ... omigod, I am so close to cumming. I hope I am bringing some of you there, too.




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