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Shifting into Gear

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This is a story about me and my girlfriend from November last year.


This happened last year... I was driving my girlfriend home after a long night of very physical entertainment. I'm a pretty generous lover, and although I love the feel of having an orgasm, I particularly enjoy giving them.

Our time that night had run out, and we were trying to get back to her house quickly, since we would probably be late. She had been cumming all night. Literally. She was able to have multiple orgasms, and at that point in our relationship, I finally understood enough about her body to keep her rolling from one orgasm into the next.

But this story is about me.

We quickly dressed, and got out the door as fast as possible, and got into the car. I turn on the engine, and felt the gentle rumble of the car as it came to life. I felt my still-hard dick uncomfortably shoved up into the waistband of my jeans as we got on our way.

I kept shifting around, trying to get comfortable, because blueballs was starting to set in. I felt two fingers on my thigh, walking slowly, deliberately towards the brass button of my jeans, and raised an eyebrow. She must've been really worked up.

She leaned in and kissed my neck, and then my earlobe, using her tongue seductively. I could feel the shivers run down my body, as my cock pulsed back to full attention, threatening to tear open my pants. She knows all of my weaknesses and used to exploit them to the greatest of her advantages.

'Baby, I got to cum plenty. But I want to feel YOU cum now... I love touching you... your body... your balls... your hard dick...' At each pause she kissed me harder, biting my ear when she could.

I tried to restrain myself, because I was driving, and there is NO way I'd ever jeopardize her life by screwing around while driving. I wanted to slam on the brakes, and tear down her pants, enjoy her beautiful body and kiss her passionately.

We were on a time limit, so I couldn't. Instead I tried my best to just keep driving. Like I said, I wasn't gonna screw around and drive at the same time.

She has a certain ability to persuade me into anything though...

I don't remember how it happened, but I found myself sitting with my pants around my ankles in the driver's seat, as I drove down the dark, abandoned roads to her place.

'How about I help you shift into gear?' I felt her tiny, warm hand wrap around my stiff manhood and begin pumping, gently at first. I could tell she was enjoying it just as much as I was, because she kept moaning into my ear, and with my right hand, I somehow managed to get a quick feel of how wet she. That wasn't part of her plan, but she again used it to her advantage.

She grabbed my fingers and forced them towards my face, making me taste her sweet essence. I am an enthusiast when it comes to giving her oral sex, and she knew just how much her taste turned me on. 'You feel how f*&%ing wet I am? I know exactly what you want to do to me right now. God, just imagine what we'd do, if I could take you to bed with me... You could play with my tits and lick my pussy all night.'

I was beyond the point of comprehension. I was bucking my hips in ecstasy, as she pumped my hard dick, waiting for her prize. As we neared a red light, I let go of the gas, and we started coasting, since I saw that there was another car waiting at the light. I didn't want them to see what we were doing, so I slowed down like hell, until thankfully the light turned green again, and we sped past them.

I felt that fire creeping slowly up from the base of my cock, and she must have sensed it too, because she slowed down. I had told her how much I loved when she 'teased' my orgasm out of me, and she was giving it her best try.

It far exceeded any expectations I had.

I felt my entire body lock up, let go of the gas pedal, so I wouldn't go flying off the road, and quickly slammed my hips against her hand, shooting my thick ropes of cum all over her hand and my legs.

With a moan of ecstasy I tried to regain my senses, and barely made the turn into her neighborhood. We stopped at the stop sign before her house so we could clean up.

'Mmmm.... That was so sexy, baby...' She licked her hand clean, and smiled that sexy smile she has, then kissed me passionately. I was barely capable of responding. The orgasm was so strong that my entire body was drained of energy, and I was drenched in sweat.

We ended up being five minutes late. But hey! I can live with those fifteen minutes of lecturing if THAT is how the car ride is going to be...



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