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Shed Adventure

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I have looked at Solo Touch for a few years but have not posted before. This happened a couple of years ago and I think about it often.


A nearby village has a very successful amateur dramatic group which performs in the village hall. The productions are ambitious and well produced, gathering audiences from quite far away. Some years ago I was asked to design stage sets for the group and have been involved in design work and scenery production on many subsequent productions. Over the years I have gathered my own little team of talented locals who all have a speciality in producing good stage design. One of these is a village woman that I shall call 'Carol'. Carol is very artistic and carries out the shading washes on the scenery very skillfully. I have got to know her quite well as we all chat while working late into the night before productions.

About three years back I was helping three of the 'girls' including Carol to finish a backcloth. The conversation centred on recent TV programmes including one about a male prostitute. There was a giggling chatter among the three girls about 'willies' and womens attitudes to them. Carol mentioned that she was 'quite interested' in different types of penis and that she sometimes looked at a particular site when she needed 'a quiet ogle and a crafty diddle'. I made a mental note of the site to look at later.

When I had a look at the site I realised that, due to some comments about my penis by a past partner, I would like to 'display' and see what others thought. Naturally I assumed that, given some basic precautions, nobody would accidentally recognise me. In this I was to be quite wrong!

I posted some pix, some 18 months passed and I forgot about Carol being my intro to the site. Then about six months back I happened to meet her in the village and to my consternation and surprise she seemed VERY embarrassed to see me! She would not meet my eye and blushed scarlet when I tried to ask her what was wrong. I could not think what could possibly have caused her such obvious embarrassment. A couple of months later we all met up for a new village stage production. In the middle of the new production I remembered her unease when we had met in the village shop, but since she now seemed quite ok I decided to not broach the subject.

Several of the team were heavily engaged in making all the various parts of the stage set, including Carol who was making some special parts at home in her garden shed. She phoned me one Saturday morning and told me she was unhappy about what she had made and could I pop round to her house to look at the job.

A bit about Carol...She is average height, average looks, average build, collar length dark brown hair, nice shaped figure with well defined breasts, and her best features are her lively and soft large brown eyes and vivacious smile. She is in her mid 40's has three teenage kids and is married to Andy, a popular village man who is captain of the cricket team, member of the rugby team and also an excellent mechanic who fixes all the village cars and some of the agricultural machinery. He is known as being a comical 'live wire' and joker with lots of energy.

Anyway, when I arrived at Carol's house she straight away led me out through the french windows and garden, while explaining that she was unsure how to finish one of the stage pieces, to her large shed where parts of the stage set were leaning against the walls in various stages of completion.

I did think it a little strange that she shut the door firmly behind us, but was really surprised when, without any preamble, she simply said; 'I know you are oldbugle' (this being my username on the site) It seems that Carol successfully recognised and identified me from several details in my shots, notably my tooled belt which I frequently wear and which is in a couple of the shots! Also, my large sun glasses in my one full body pic did NOT hide my identity, and several other small details added up to a clear match!

I admitted that I was and then the words just gushed from her mouth, how she had always been fascinated by mens cocks since seeing a statue during a school trip to a museum, but had only actually seen Andy's as they had met when both were 16 and she had had no other boyfriends, how Andy did not like her to look closely at or even handle his cock despite 26 years of marriage and three kids!!!!!! How she had only managed to get a close look on two, once when he had had too much to drink at a wedding! How she often fantasised about the male penis and was fascinated by her two sons cocks!! How Andy was a good husband but always had sex the same way he fixed cars, basically fast and efficently!! How he always laughingly referred to his minimal foreplay as 'priming her pump', and finally, how she used websites to indulge her need to look at mens sexual organs. Apparently, in all of their 26 years of married life Andy had never let her get close to his penis or actually play with it, let alone enjoy oral sex or even a hand job!!!

Not surprisingly I was flabbergasted at this turn of events, but I was much more amazed when Carol told me without pausing for breath that she was now going to have a really good look at MY penis!!!! That she had been looking 'and diddling' over my photos on the site for many weeks and had planned this little get together in her shed for some time! She told me that she was not looking for an affair, nor had she ever 'cheated on Andy' and she had no plans to do so, but that she just had to 'get a good look' at my penis!!

With that, she dropped to her knees beside me and her slender fingers were on the front of my slacks, the zip was already down and she was delving among my underwear!! I had walked completely unsuspecting into the shed only moments before and now here I stood staring down at a woman knelt before me with my soft, but rapidly hardening penis in her slim and trembling fingers!

She pulled gently on my manhood as she extracted it from my fly, her soft fingers squeezing and stroking along the sides and her finger tips feeling every detail. She started to breathe heavily with small pants as she gaspingly told me how wonderful it was to finally see my 'wonderful dick' up close and for real. She was clearly VERY excited and her cheeks were already very flushed and her eyes had a glazed expression that I can't describe. I felt amazed and horrified but there was no denying that my shaft was enlarging rapidly as she caressed it almost lovingly in her little hands.

Although my penis is tiny and unimpressive when soft it stands up against my belly as a business-like shaft with a thick base and plumb like head and it was soon standing up out of my fly in it's full size and veiny stiffness, the foreskin beginning to open to expose the eye of the head. Carol was using one hand to clutch and squeeze it's length while the other hand was getting very energetic down the front of her jeans!! This woman was plainly well on her way to quite a big orgasm just from handling my erect penis as she mumbled incoherently about it's shape and hardness.

Between her excited gasps Carol told me that she had never seen such a thing 'up close and for real' and had never experienced a foreskin apart from those of her two sons since Andy was both circumcised and unwilling to let her 'get at it'. By now Carols fingers were tentatively and clumsily trying to pull down my hood but her obvious excitement fumbled her movements. I placed my arm around her heaving shoulders and was unable to contain my own growing arousal as my hips began involuntary thrusts into her hand to try and bare the head of my now rigid shaft. As we both pushed my foreskin back off of the bulging head Carol almost choked with excitement and I realised that she was in the throes of a massive orgasm that rocked her body and choked her breath into a series of grunts! I caught her against me and was unable to prevent my hips from churning as I thrust more firmly into the small hand clutching around my shaft.

As Carol recovered from her orgasm she wanted to pleasure me (while several times gasping to me that she was not going to have intercourse or start an affair) and tried to rub my foreskin up and down my shaft using her left hand, her right one was still very busy in her panties as she continued to 'diddle'. I wrapped my own hand around hers and guided her strokes, showing her how to work the hood up and down over the, by now, very swollen head in the way I most like. This whole episode had been completely unexpected and sudden and I found it incredibly erotic and 'hot'.

The erotic feeling was indescribable as Carol really got into working my foreskin over my straining glans. A couple of times she pulled it back down too far and I had to guide her strokes and give her a frantic geography lesson by showing her where the frenulum was tied under the head, while reminding myself that this woman had been married for 26 years!!!

Once a large droplet of pre-cum appeared in the slit of my glans I showed Carol how to push the hood right back and use the secretion to softly caress the entire glans and how to tease the rim and frenulum with her silky thumb and soft little finger tips. The feeling was utterly exquisite, both physically and mentally! I felt so completely and fully 'male' just stood there with my rigid manhood standing up out of my flies, the big bared glans being pleasured and lusted over by a continuously orgasming woman!! A woman who, despite 26 years of marriage, had never been able to fulfil her interest in the male organ!! I was unable to prevent my hips from bucking with the powerful need to thrust and help Carol to increase the stimulation as my bulging purple glans filled her small feminine fingers with their pink nail polish, a sight so excitingly sexual that it is burned into my minds eye for ever.

As Carol began grunting and gasping her way through yet another powerful orgasm it all became too much for mortal man, or at least, THIS mortal man! My straining shaft suddenly flexed and twitched and white streaks of semen appeared as if by magic across the front of Carol's black sweater, making us both start! More jets lashed her hair and caught her under her chin as I arched my body over hers and gave way to a muscle clenching and toe curling orgasm that made me grunt lustily with explosive male pleasure and release.

As we recovered from our stolen pleasures we managed to grin at each others condition, and we must have made a strange sight, Carol still rocking on her knees from multi orgasms, splashed everywhere with my semen which had streaked her front and was dripping from her hair! Me leaning against the wall of the shed, still fully dressed but with my most private part standing lewdly from my fly with foreskin pulled right back and semen dripping from the slit!

Since this miraculous event happened to me (us!) I have, not surprisingly, thought about it often and I am constantly reminded that fact is so much more stranger that fiction. If one wrote this account in a novel, nobody would believe that a woman could be married for 26 years and more or less never see her husbands penis despite sexual intercourse several times a week! Or that she might harbour a life-long lust and desire to enjoy her penis obsession after so many years.



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