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She Watched Us

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Sometimes I still get off thinking about this


I went to a Christian college and lost my virginity late, at age 20, and then I guess I went a little crazy. I had intended to save myself for marriage, but then once I had had sex I became a little crazy to try all sorts of kinky stuff.

My girlfriend, Jill, was perfect for this, as she was always ready and there was nothing she wouldn't try.

One night we were in her dorm room and her crazy friend Heidi was there. Heidi wasn't attractive, in fact she was six feet tall and gangly and had enormous buck teeth. But she was a cool, off-beat chick and I enjoyed hanging out with her.

Jill and I were sort of canoodling on one of the beds while we all sat chatting. Heidi was on the other bed, I remember she was wearing some crazy long Japanese dress that had a million buttons down the front, all the way down to her feet.

I started getting horny and starting whispering dirty things to Jill, and pressing my erection against her back and so forth. I kept telling her I needed to get off. She kept shushing me and saying 'Stop! You're terrible.'

Finally, I looked over at Heidi and said, 'Heidi, you wouldn't mind if Jill jerked me off, would you?' Heidi laughed, and then it was quiet for a moment. 'Do... you want me to leave?' she asked.

'Not unless you want to,' I replied.

Then, as if it was a dare, I began to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants. Jill fidgeted a little but Heidi's face went expressionless and she just stared at my crotch with her mouth slightly open. I never took my eyes from her face as I hooked my thumb into my underwear and pulled them down to reveal my hard cock.

Jill reached over and took hold of me, and I noticed that she was also watching Heidi intently. She turned my penis one way and the other, showing it off to her friend. She pulled out my balls and started stroking me, as all the while I stared right at Heidi, getting off on her watching me.

Without ever changing her expression or looking away from my dick, Heidi unbuttoned several of the buttons on her dress right at crotch level, reached inside, and began rubbing herself vigorously. I have such a distinct memory of her hand squirming around inside her dress, out of view, while she watched my cock with that slackjawed expression.

I came in long, squirting ropes, as only a 20-year old can do, and Heidi's breath came out in a short burst. One second after I came she did too, her hand squirming at a million miles a second and her whole body gyrating-her hips made the motion of fucking, as though she couldn't control it at all.

Jill said, 'Oh my God that was so hot', and Heidi finally looked away from me and buttoned up her dress.

Jill and I talked about having a threesome with Heidi, and though all parties were amenable somehow it just never happened. But sometimes when I'm masturbating I still think about Heidi cumming while she looked at my hard cock.



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