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She Simply Could Not Stop

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Last night I stayed up late watching TV as usual while my wife Becky had gone on to bed. She usually goes to bed early, as early as 8:00 or so and is certainly in bed by 10:00 while I'm seldom in bed until 11:30 or later. This has been our routine for a long time now. Ever since my health declined to the point that I couldn't get an erection sufficient enough for penetration we just got in the habit of not going to bed together. This routine offered me some benefits though. Often after Becky has gone to bed I get on the computer and look at porn and masturbate. While I can't get my dick hard enough to stick it in Becky's pussy I can still get it to a semi-hard state which is good enough to jack off.

Becky has told me more than once that she doesn't masturbate. While I have never actually seen her doing it I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she does. I'll give you two examples. One time when we were making love I had my hand in between her legs and busily rubbing her clit. I always liked to do that before we fucked because I wanted to get her nice and horny. I never fail to get her off that way too. So I've always known she could have orgasms by direct clitoral stimulation with fingers. Anyway, she was about to cum when she put her hand on top of my hand and started pressing in while vibrating her fingers back and forth. If I had moved my hand away she would have been diddling her clit. Another similar situation was when I was propped up on my elbow and masturbating her and she had her arm around my back. As she got just about to the point of cumming she started habitually vibrating her finger right on that invisible clit of hers in the middle of my back. But as I said earlier, she has claimed and continues to do so that she does not masturbate. Why she is so adamant about it I don't know. I would personally love to watch my wife masturbate!

Last night I stayed off of the computer and opted instead for watching TV. Somewhere around 11 o'clock or so I decided to switch the television set off and go on to bed. I know that mine and Becky's bed could tell a lot of tales if it could talk, stories of the many long nights of passionate love making between the two of us as well as I would bet of her many episodes of solo masturbation. Again I won't remind you that Becky has never let me catch her at it. But, I am 100% convinced that she does play with herself. So last night I walk into our bedroom and since I was already in my sleeping shorts I was under the covers in a matter of seconds. As I settled my head back against the pillow I became aware of Becky's heavy and labored breathing. That's when I realized that she was in the midst of a self-induced orgasm and was unable to stop. She was lying there in bed beside me and playing with her pussy. I instantly reached inside my shorts and started fondling my penis as I listened to her. And I'm sure she knew I was there but she was so far into her orgasm that she simply could not stop if she wanted to. Slowly and steadily her breathing became less labored and quieter until she had returned to her normal state. It seemed like it took a long time for her to do it but I'm sure not more than two or three minutes after I lay down. That was really amazing to actually hear her getting herself off. It's almost as good as watching which some day I hope to get to do.

If I were to ask her today about it I'm sure she would have no idea as to what I'd be talking about. Although she knows I know what she was up to last night she would still claim she doesn't masturbate. Oh well.



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