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She Said, "i Want To See You Cum"

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Either alone or with the right partner the sexual urge doesn't diminish with age, it actually increases.


I have been masturbating since I was probably 12 when I accidentally learned how while soaping my hardon a bit too long and I have masturbated at least once a day since then. Later I taught my best buddy to do it and we did it together several times just enjoying the sensation and watching our cum shoot off.

During my dating years I played with a few breasts now and then and fingered a pussy or two but never had a girl touch my dick so you can imagine after dates I could hardly wait to get home and beat my meat.

Unfortunately back then we didn't have sex education or the internet nor was it discussed at home. It actually wasn't until I married at 22 did I learn there was such a thing called a clitoris or I would have probably had better success with the girls I dated. After all the fondling I had done I imagine it left them frustrated and they probably masturbated when they went home as I did, however it was never mentioned.

My first wife was rather Victorian concerning sex. Rarely did we engage in sex during the day and we always had to have the lights off at night. She did allow me to go down on her periodically and I finally taught her to masturbate but she wouldn't allow me the pleasure of mutual masturbation so I spent a good amount of time in the shower taking care of myself. When I did cum with her it was usually only during intercourse. However, I did convince her to give me a hand job once, but when she saw cum shoot off she screamed and left the room saying it was gross and she would never do it or wanted to see it again.

Now for a more interesting story which may turn you on........

When I started dating my next fiancé I was in my early 60's, she was a few years younger and we had been divorced for about ten years. I had short relationships a few times but neither had worked out.

After our third date she said we were no longer 18 or needed to impress each other with kid stuff and we needed to have a serious talk about our possible future. She started out by saying there were things she enjoyed doing she didn't care to give up. The first thing she mentioned was masturbation, which had me a little embarrassed as my first wife wouldn't even mention the word. She went on to say she had not been with a man in ten years and had learned to enjoy masturbating whenever she was in the mood and felt sure I did it too.

She then said if that embarrassed me we didn't need to go any further because who she married would have to help her make up for lost time and she would gladly return the favor. We lay in bed that night watching TV and discussed a few of our fantasies, did a lot of tongue kissing which led to me sucking her breasts while she slowly stroked my dick. We ended up fully undressed and had the most amazing sex either of us had enjoyed in years.

On our next date night we were again undressed in bed watching TV when she began gently and nonchalantly caressing one of her breasts and massaging between her legs. Watching her casually and unashamedly doing what my first wife refused to do I couldn't help but have an instant hardon. She looked over and said, 'I see you must be horny too. Let me watch you beat off while you watch me masturbate and we can learn what we like to do for each other when we are alone?' Talk about an uninhibited older age lady!!!

This was a fantasy come true! I was already holding my throbbing dick and could have cum right then if I were alone but I told her since I wasn't allowed to masturbate in front of my first wife I didn't know if I could cum with her watching. She said, 'I know you enjoy beating off when you're alone and watching cum shoot off. It's perfectly natural. Don't stop now, I want to see you cum when I do and I'm almost there. Relax, pump it full and let it cum. Show me your cum and I'll beat you off next time and I'll let you get me off too'.

By now she was beginning to rapidly finger her pussy and rub her clit. She suddenly stopped and I watched her slowly take her finger from her pussy and lick a long string of cum. Well, seeing her do that was all it took. With only a few strokes you can imagine how much cum she saw shoot off. As soon as she saw my first cum shot she touched her clit and climaxed instantly moaning. 'Hmmm, Look at all that cum! That was the best. I bet you enjoyed it as much as I did, now let me help you clean up. I could hardly believe what she did then but I have a feeling you can guess. That little episode eventually lead to a wonderful married life together, experimenting and learning more things to do sexually than I am allowed to post on Solo Touch. All I can say is we were both fascinated by watching each other masturbate and she taught me some exciting things to do with our cum.

Just writing this has me hard and ready for another episode if she is close by otherwise....

Hey, being married we both usually masturbate and cum more than once a day. Getting caught is exciting too. Uh-oh, here she comes. She usually doesn't just stand by and watch!

A word to the older generation..... Baring physical conditions, either alone or with the right partner the sexual urge doesn't diminish with age, it actually increases.

More later if someone would like to leave a comment or question.



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