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She Made Me Cry

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Recently, I had an accident on my bike and, to cut along story short, I broke my arms. I was in hospital for quite a while as the fractures were complex.

I was so poorly at first that I didn't miss masturbating. But after a week or so I became absolutely beside myself. I have always needed to masturbate a lot, 2-3 times daily usually.

The pressure inside me became terrible after a few days. My tummy hurt terribly, my thighs ached, my scrotum ached and my penis just HURT.

One morning I thought I might go crazy with need.

My nurse came to bed bath me and I was cross and agitated. She asked what the matter was, but I far to shy to tell her how I was suffering.

She began to wash me and it felt lovely, I was terribly aroused within minutes. She was a pretty nurse too, a little older than me.

When she came to wash my tummy, I began to shake. I'd never had that happened to me before.

I was shaking like crazy. She asked me if I felt feverish, as I was hot. I found it hard to form any words. I felt terribly embarrassed, I just didn't want her to expose my penis, I knew I was streaming pre-cum and I just felt embarrassed about my cock. It's not very big!! I so badly didn't want this pretty nurse to see that I didn't have a very big cock, and what a helpless state it was in.

For some reason, I don't know why, I felt so anxious and miserable, and so terribly aroused at the same, and sorry for myself because of the accident...that I started to cry.

It was so embarrassing. The nurse, Katy stopped and said, 'I know what's wrong Justin, its okay'.

She took me in her arms and cuddled me, then gently pulled back the sheet while I just sobbed and gasped.

She told me that she was going to help me, and asked me if I thought that I could be quiet.

I felt her soft hand reach for my penis, and she just held it. I thought I was going to faint.

Then she gently started to stroke the head, which was all wet and swollen. I was unbelievably sensitive. I felt my orgasm starting...welling up inside me and I just thought that I wasn't going to be able to take it and I began to struggle, I felt really scared.

Another nurse came in then, and helped Katy support me. She said 'its okay Justin, you are having a little climax, it probably feels very strong because its the first one for a while' I remember yelling I'm gonna make a mess' and then the spasms just taking me over. I think I passed out as I woke up with my bed elevated. I was covered in semen. It was in my hair! it was on the walls!

Katy was sitting by my bed stroking my hair. She asked me why I didn't feel I could mention it, and I just mumbled about being shy.

She said it was a common problem and in future when I got washed each morning a nurse would make sure I ejaculated as I was washed down below.

The thought made me hard again, and then anxious as I thought of a multitude of girls seeing my not-very-big-penis.

She seemed to read my mind, and said something about the things boys worry about.

Well I had a pretty enjoyable stay in hospital after that! I was well 'looked after' and loved!

After I came out though was another story!

I had 8 weeks of pathetically trying to wank!



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