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She liked me A LOT!

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I'll start this out telling you about myself, I'm a young 14 year old kid who is short and well built. This happened just two months ago and I remember it very well. It started off at me going to high school for my freshman year. There was this very pretty girl, Sara, in my World Geoegraphy class. She was a junior and tall and thin with beautiful blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Though I am told to be very good looking, I have low self-esteem and she was just another pretty girl. School went off with her not noticing me, about four weeks later, she approached me at lunch time, and asked if I was in her class. I said yes and she asked if I was a freshmen because she hadn't seen me in any of her other classes. I embarrassedly answered yes. She took her hand out of her pocket and said, let me thoroughly introduce myself, I shook her hand, and in between our hands was a small note. Then, she walked off suddenly. Once she was out of distance, I opened the letter and it had her number on it. Wondering why a girl like her would give me my number, I wondered if it was a joke. I asked some of my junior friends if they knew anything. Supposedly word got around on how I am into older and more mature and smart women. And Sara thought I was sweet. My friends told me I should call her, so that night , I , being afraid, called her up, she told me to give her my number and address and that she would come home with me tomorrow. The next day, I got in her car and she drove me to her house instead. She said she heard that I was very nice and generous, I nodded, still wondering what I was going on. We got to her house, and went inside, she grabbed my hand and we went upstairs to her room. She pushed me on the bed and told me to start undressing, and she went to her bathroom. Not really sure what to do, I obeyed and began taking off my clothes leaving only my boxers on. She came out of her bathroom wearing panties and a shirt. She told me to get up off the bed, she then laid down on the bed and told me to take off her panties, I took them off, and saw my very first beautiful vagina. It was so beautiful I was amazed, then she told me to kiss her on the lips. I gently kissed her beautiful lips and then moved down to her vagina. I gently began kissing the lips of her vagina and slipping my tongue inside and lick and kissing all over. She began moaning and screaming out 'yes, yes' I kept at caressing her vagina with my lips and tongue and before long she moaned for the last time and cummed over my face. I wiped off my face and then she came behind me and took of my boxers exposing my dick. She began staring at it, she said' You did me a heel of a favor, I'll give you won in return' I hesitated and told her that I would rather please her, she then suddenly took my dick into her mouth and began sucking on my dick, it felt so great and I couldn't believe this was happening, after about fifteen minutes I told her I was gonna cum and she said she wanted to taste it, I cummed in her mouth, and she came up to my face and kissed my lips. She was so beautiful I just wanted to hold her. She pushed me on the bed. And took off her shirt exposing her beautiful breast, she then asked me if I ad a condom, and I nodded no, thinking I was going to wait in my life for this, she went to her brothers room and came back with a condom and opened it and stuck it on my hard dick. She then got on top off me and, said' this is your first time, lets make it nice.' She then told me to start fucking her, she began moaning and screaming as her beautiful hair was swaying back and forth, she continued to moan and then she screamed out 'aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh' and I could feel her pleasure release, she fell over and laid on my chest. She kissed my lips and forehead and I hugged her while she closed her beautiful eyes. After about an hour of laying there with her in my arms, she got up and told me to suck on her breast, I began to look at her beautiful breast and began to slowly suck on her nipples, she was so beautiful, she kept playing with my hair as I sucked gently on her breast. She then kissed me on my head and told me to get dressed, I put on my clothes, and waited downstairs for her to get dressed, she came down the stairs looking more beautiful every stair she stepped. She came over to me and hugged and kissed me and then we went outside and got in her car, she drove me home, and as I sat there in the in front of my house, she began kissing me all over, and then said, see ya tomorrow in class, I got out of the car and watched her drive off. The next day I went to school, and one Sara's best friend Kelly came over, and whispered in my ear, ' Heard you gave Sara a great time, your so sweet aren't you.' She told me that it was Sara's first time to and that she didn't decide to until she met me and found out how kind I was. We are still a couple and have engaged in the same situations many times now and I have become very comfortable and serious with her. We have confessed our feelings and that has turned into a whole different story you have to hear later.



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