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Sharing my Fetish with a Friend, and Crossing the Line

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I kinda shared my ex, feeling a bit guilty really. This story follows years after my first encounter with my friend. Now with more spice.
My previous story from years ago: http://www.solotouch.com/story/doing-two-things-overnight-surprise-46312


So, throughout the years many things happened. We've masturbated together, had oral together, and basically we were there during "dry seasons". We were both active in our own love affairs (heterosexual relationships) but you just can't deny that it still feels good when doing it with another man. In any case, read my previous story for some background, because that will help a lot.

PREFACE (kinda important part to explain the situation)

So, we haven't done anything together for over a year because we both got busy with work and I moved to a different city for work (well, not actually, because I work on the internet). Anyway, I returned just two months ago. Six months ago my ex left me without notice, and since then I've been on a dry spell. A couple of months of recovering I wasn't still ready to find a new woman to dedicate my time to, so my only comfort then during horny hours were the photos and videos I had of my ex and myself.

There is this internet thing called bubbling, please google it so that you'll understand what I mean. So, I discovered this and found it really hot. But instead of doing it to photos of women in bikini, or photos of my ex in bikini, I did it to her naked photos in three levels: 30% of skin is revealed, 60% of skin is revealed, and 90% of skin is revealed. There were hundreds of them in one folder, the only thing not shown are nipples and the actual holes down below, but you'll get a good look at the lips. Anyway! That was my fetish. I grew tired of the 100% naked photos so I kept those in a separate folder. And at night I would jack off to her bubbled photos.

Since I had roommates at the place I stayed at before I returned to my home town, I didn't get to masturbate much. So when I arrived home, I was surprised to see that some of my friends were on the welcoming committee. Including my jackoff buddy. We all partied, all ten of us. Then all of them went home except for my JO buddy, he said he'll spend the night. Now, our relationship is not just purely for having sexual fun, it goes deeper than that. We talk about politics a lot, including philosophy and current events, that's what brought us close together.

So, after drinking coffee, I showered and after I did, he followed. It was around 2am and we were still talking in my room, with him on the mattress I laid down next to my bed.

Since we haven't done or talked about masturbating together in over a year, I was a little reserved to start wanking it, but I already had a raging hardon because I rarely did it, couldn't because of roommates. So I waited for him to sleep. Then I pulled my laptop and decrypted my encrypted folder of bubbled photos and started to masturbate slowly, enjoying the moment.

Then I heard him move and suddenly he was next to me, I only had a few seconds to close my laptop, but he managed to get a view of at least one bubbled photo. Curious, he asked me what that was, and I told him with honestly that those were photos of my ex. Then we both laughed for some time then he went back to his mattress. All the while I wasn't wearing anything below, didn't even think of covering. That natural, huh?

So, I waited for him to sleep again, but I knew he wasn't because I could hear his blanket rustling a bit. By this time I was horny as fuck so my mind was going places. I considered showing the photos to him but I thought I would be doing great injustice to my ex. But fuck, the thought of showing it to him was so hot.

I called to him, "hey, wanna see the photos?"

He replied, "I want to, but how will I react if I saw her in person?" He knows her, seen her a couple of times with me, but they never really talked.

I told him, "okay, you're a gentleman."

Then I proceeded to masturbate. He was doing the same below, I could see better now because of the light of my laptop and my eyes already adjusted. Then on impulse I faced my laptop on his direction and he laughed nervously, because he could see one bubbled photo. It was a full body nude photo, but the essential parts were covered, so just like looking at a girl wearing a bra and panty. Then I pressed next and he watched as the "bra" and "panty" turned into tiny lines, around 90% of the skin now exposed, only the nipples and pussy are covered. I was waiting for him to look away or ask me to turn it away, but he didn't. So I joined him below and we both watched the slideshow. While wanking each other off.

There was this photo that showed me fingering her, but only my finger and her labia majora were shown, with wetness of my finger showing on the photo. No holes nor clitoris. That was a bit extreme. Then there were photos taken from her behind, buttcheeks fully spread but a solid colored line covered the important parts. I was extremely hard, sharing these photos with my friend, the guilt of the moment didn't caught on yet. He was extremely hard too, and by the time we finished the slideshow we were both moaning softly.

But damn, it ended too soon. I didn't want to play it all over again so I just closed my laptop and we both continued wanking each other off. Then I had a fun idea. I opened my laptop again and this time opened the full nude folder. I asked my friend to lay down and I placed the laptop on his chest. I played the slideshow of fully naked photos in front of him. While I was blowing him. It seemed like he lasted for over ten minutes of me sucking him off while he watched the slideshow of 100% nakedness. After he finished, it was my turn of course. I finished early, then we laughed about it and I was feeling the guilt a bit then.

After a few minutes, the slideshow was still on, we just forgot about it. But then we took notice of it again and we both got hard. Then we started jacking off until the sun rose again. haha

Damn hot, really. Men are better at oral than women, I should say.



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