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Sharing a Video

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This is a great site and I love reading the stories especially late at night when I'm hot and horny. As you might have guessed I love masturbating and one of the things that turns me on most is to masturbate as I watch a porn video or dvd. Seeing all those beautiful women being pleasured gets me so hard.

Though I've got the use of this ancient computer I can't watch movies on it and because I live with my parents and brothers there's always someone at home so I can't use the video or dvd player. I've got several hot movies hidden away so I recently put an ad in a free paper that serves our county. Have porn, will travel sort of ad. I got some really odd replies and none from sexy women unfortunately but one guy named Jake sounded reasonable. He lived with his mom but she was often away so he had the house to himself. I phoned him and made it clear that this was straight porn and arranged to go and see him.

Now I'd better say right now that I'm straight but I have no hang ups about anyone else. Anything sexual seems to turn me on it seems but it's women I want to actually have sex with.

So I went to his place and we chatted and I put on the video. He'd actually never seen a porn movie before which surprised me but that was why he'd responded to my ad.

It was a hot video and I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants and I was longing to feel it. We were talking dirty about the scenes we were watching saying what we'd like to do to the girls on the tv screen. I didn't want to freak Jake out by doing anything stupid such as getting my dick out or even stroking myself through my jeans as I was very much enjoying the rare opportunity of seeing a porno. After a while I went to the bathroom and when I came down I saw him groping himself when he thought he wasn't being watched. As soon as he heard me he stopped. So I guessed he was as horny as me which, given the nature of what we were watching, wasn't surprising.

We'd become really horny by then, and I was in that sort of space where your inhibitions (not that I've got many) melt away. I sat down and was soon hard again but this time I thought who cares and started to rub myself through my jeans. As I said to Jake it's what these movies are for, to get you hard. He agreed and to my relief had no problem about me masturbating as we watched. He followed my lead and I soon had my jeans round my ankles and was pumping away. And so was he. Good luck to him I thought. especially if he was enjoying the sensation between his legs as much as I was enjoying what was going on between mine!

As I said I like any sort of sexual atmosphere and if other people are sexually turned on then for some reason it makes me even hotter. So I was sexually high and I'm crazy about masturbating and love doing it in any situation and I was edging all the time. Come to think about it I guess Jake must have been as well. We were enjoying this rather unusual situation for over two hours with a few breaks to go to the bathroom or just chat about women and sex in general.

Then we wound the tape back to a particularly hot scene and agreed we'd bring the evening to climax as it were. She was a gorgeous blonde and in our hot imagination Jake had her pussy while I had her mouth. I was in sexual heaven. My hand was pumping up and down my swollen, highly sensitive dick until I exploded in a fantastic orgasm, spasm after spasm shaking my whole body. It was awesome. Jake seemed to enjoy himself as well which wasn't surprising!

We chatted a while and agreed that it was an unusual but very exciting evening. Then I left, promising to phone him for another session though so far I haven't got round to doing so.

As always when I'm on this site my dick is throbbing and remembering some of the scenes I watched has got me to the edge of shooting my load so I'll go and lie on my bed and enjoy the feel of my hand rubbing up and down my hot muscle. Enjoy what's between your legs all you horny gals and guys.



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