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Sharing a Selfish Act

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I am a 21 year old college student and just moved back home for the summer. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom and my 18 year old sister (until school starts again in the fall).

This Summer when I got home I could not believe how much my sister had changed. Suddenly she has these perfect tits and a rockin' ass. Not that I'm in to incest or anything, but oh my god does she make it tough to not be hard all the time. She walks around in a bikini all day and sometimes has her friends over to swim in my mom's pool. They're hot too, but nothing like my sister.

My mom is keenly aware of her developments and is freaking every time a boy calls.. . and she should. I'm worried too because there is no man around when I'm at school to keep all those little perverts in line.

Anyway, I guess I shouldn't talk because lately I have had lots of perverted thoughts being exposed to all the sweet young curves of my sister. It has lead to a lot of masturbation for me which I was enjoying the other day in my room where I thought I had locked the door.

I was at my computer reading some Solo Touch stories and checking out some other sites. I usually gravitate towards the handjob movies. I especially like the amateur movies with guys with big cocks being jerked off by their girlfriends. I'm not gay, but generally the bigger the cock in the movie, the more I like it. I have a big cock too, almost nine inches when really hard. I like to look at the screen and then down at my own big cock and imagine it's me getting stroked by the girl instead of myself.

As I said, I was getting into some great flicks and stroking my huge cock and started to produce a lot of precum. I love to wipe my precum onto my finger and lick it off when I stroke. I love the taste of it and it really turns me on to taste myself. Sometimes when the mood is right I put my hands under the seat of my chair and pull myself down so that I can lick the sweet precum right from the swollen tip of my cock.

Well, the mood was right and after a few minutes I decided to have a taste of my rigid cock. As I came up from sucking the tip for a few seconds I noticed my sisters very clear reflection in my screen. She was standing in my doorway. I totally freaked. She had never even seen me naked!

I froze for a second and then since my back was to her I decided not to let her know that I was aware of her presence. I was hoping that she would just back out of the room and that would be it. Instead, she slowly moved into the room and moved closer hiding behind the side of a large hutch that I have. From there she could see just past my shoulder and actually see my hand on my cock. I couldn't believe how bold she was. I also couldn't believe that I was even more turned on now than before.

I knew she was excited and not just curious because I could still just barely see her reflection on the edge of my monitor and I saw her slide her hand into her swimsuit bottoms. I knew it was wrong, but I was almost ready to cum when I first noticed her and I was not about to stop now. Especially since I knew she was masturbating too. I was also somehow turned on for her to discover that her brother has a huge cock.

I reached for the mouse and clicked another movie. As it started to play, I began stroking my cock again as the guy's girlfriend sat between his legs indian style and slowly wanked his big cock. As I checked my sisters reflection I saw her eyes alternating between the movie and my cockhead. As I squeezed out another drop of precum I decided to go for it and leaned in to lick it off. As my tongue touched the swollen hot tip of my cock I heard her force some air from her lungs with a panting noise.

This time as I came up from my cock my eyes locked onto hers through the reflection of my monitor. At that moment we were both fully aware of the other. She stepped toward my chair and whispered something like 'I'm sorry . . . here, let me . . .' and she was at my side kneeling on the floor by my chair. She put her hand on mine which was wrapped around my cock.

I said 'we shouldn't' and she interrupted me and said 'It's OK . . . we're just gonna get you off, that's all.' And somehow she was so understanding and comfortable with it that it just put me at ease. She said 'God, you have a huge cock . . . it's so hot that you can lick it like that.' As she said that I slowly pulled my hand away and she just took over slowly stroking my fat shaft. It felt amazing watching her tiny hand gently sliding up and down my ridiculously swollen cock. My left hand slid down to my balls and I slowly stroked the underside of tightening sack. She said 'That's it . . . nice and slow'. 'Look, she's aiming his cock at his face now. Do you think he likes the taste of his cum too?'

Then she squeezed my cock and precum flowed from the tip. 'Taste it for me, please . . . . that's so hot'. I leaned back down and flared my tongue across the head and heard myself groan without even thinking about it. Then I felt her other hand on the back of my head and felt her pull my head and cock together feeding more of my cock into my mouth.

'That is the hottest thing I've ever seen. Suck your big cock while I jerk you off into your mouth baby' Please . . . I want to see you cum in your mouth'. Hearing that set me off inside and I started plowing my lips down over my cock taking as much as I have ever gotten into my mouth. I could feel my balls tightening in my fingers and her breathing was getting deeper by the second. Her face was inches from mine getting a close up view of my fat cock being sucked by my own lips as her fist was gently bumping my lips on every stroke.

I started to breathe harder through my nose and began to moan around my cock as I passed the point of no return. I heard her whisper 'that's it baby, swallow that thick, hot load' and then I began pumping rope after rope of thick hot cum into my mouth. 'I can feel your cum surging through my hand an into your mouth . . . .this is so fuckin hot!' she moaned. I shot the biggest load of my life because she had me so turned on. I must have pulled seven or eight ropes of thick jizz from myself before backing off and sitting up as she continued to stroke me. I looked her in the eyes and swallowed everything in my mouth. I had cum on my lips and chin and more oozed from the head of my dick. She just wiped it onto her fingers and then sucked them off. She smiled at me and leaned in and tongue swabbed the cum from my face and into my mouth with a quick kiss before standing and saying 'this is gonna be a great summer'.



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