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Sharing a room

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I went abroad fairly recently on a course with a group of people I didn't know. We all shared rooms with one other person, and this is what happened on the first day in mine...


George and I opened the door to our room after a busy day of tourism. The room was fairly large and consisted of a bunk bed, a table, with chairs, and an en suite bathroom. I sat on the bottom bunk and said 'do you mind if I have the bottom?' He said that was okay. George and I had only met that very morning, but we had hit it off and spent much time in the town with others. That meant we were comfortable enough with each other when we got back to the room. By this time it was about ten o'clock at night and I was thinking about going to sleep soon. 'When are you planning to go to bed?' I asked. 'Soon,' he said, 'just want to wash up first.'

About ten minutes later he went into the bathroom and washed, and the lights went off and we went to sleep. Not long after, I heard noises coming from the top bunk. I felt that the bed was moving slightly from side to side, so I plucked up the courage to ask 'George, what are you doing up there?' All of a sudden the noises and moving stopped. 'Err, nothing much, why do you ask?' 'I can feel the whole bed moving.' There was a moment of silence. 'I was just masturbating...' I was really quite taken aback. We had only met that same morning, and yet he was comfortable enough to do that with me in the room. All I could utter out was an 'oh...' To which he said, 'do you want to join me?' To be totally honest, I wanted to. I had never done anything like that before, and I was curious as to what it would be like. So I said, 'sure.'

So on the lights went and down he came. He sat in the chair, I lay on my bed so we could see each other. All the clothes came off so eventually we were two naked guys in a room. He was already hard, obviously, so I had some catching up to do. After a while of me stroking and him watching, I was hard and he started up again. He was like me he started slowly, small strokes that got longer until over all of his cock. Like me as well, he used just his precum as lube, but that was more than enough for a good smooth wank. It was great watching another guy doing it, seeing his hand go up and down over his hard cock, hearing him moan with pleasure as he edged time and time again.

After about half an hour I was getting close so I said 'ooh, I'm gonna cum!' And with that I had a powerful orgasm as my cum shot all over my belly and even slightly onto my face. He came soon after all over himself.

After that night, we were much more at ease around each other, to the point that after we got back from various things at the end of the day we would just take our clothes off and hang out naked together. We masturbated occasionally together, but for the next two weeks if ever one felt like it, we would do it no matter what the other was doing. It was an awesome atmosphere that I loved coming back to after every day.

Hope you enjoyed the story! See you all soon.



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