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Sharing a Bedroom With My Cousin

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This is my second story. First one was 'After school jerk-off.'


I was 13, almost 14, when I went with my parents to visit my aunt. There was one boy cousin there who was about six months older than me. The last time I visited there, I was ten and me and my cousin Butch slept in the same room and showed dicks and stuff. We both got stiff little boners but didn't know about jacking yet. We only felt once.

By this time, I had been jacking off for about a year and a half but only had real cum for about two months. I was wondering if Butch jerked off yet and hoped I could find out. Our plane was late so, when we got to their house, me and him got sent to bed.

When we got upstairs, we started hanging out and he was showing me stuff in his room. He put the tv on and we started getting ready for bed. Took off our shirts and went to brush our teeth. When he pulled his shirt over his head I checked out his armpits. He definitely had started getting hair under his arms. It looked like he had more than me.

There was bunkbeds and he told me he slept in the top one. He turned off the lights and we both dropped our pants and got in bed. I looked as he was climbing up on the top bunk and could see that he was wearing briefs too. I was wanting to jerk off but didn't want to be the one to bring it up. So I just lay there for a while trying not to touch my dick. Then I think I went to sleep for a couple of minutes. I woke up when I heard something drop, like a book or something.

Whatever it was fell down between the bed and the wall. I said, what was that? He said it was nothing, just dropped his magazine. So I rolled over and reached down where it was and grabbed it. It was an adult magazine. I started laughing and said I wasn't giving it back. He said that was cool because he had more.

He said check out April. So I found the chick and she looked awesome. My dick totally boned up and went out the leg of my briefs. I put my hand under the blanket and pulled my stiffie back in and up against my stomach. I put my knees up so the sheet made a tent and started rubbing my boner.

All of a sudden, my cousin says, 'Eric, you ever play with your dick?' My dick kinda jumped when he said it and I said, 'yeah.' Then he goes, you wanna show dicks? I said 'yeah' and he jumped down off the top bunk, his underpants were still on and he threw the magazine on my bed. He rolled up a towel and put it under the door, then he got on my bed and turned on this little light that was down there.

If we only use this one they won't know we're still up, he told me. Then he knelt up at the bottom of my bed and I could see his hardon sticking up to the side in his underwear and the outline of his dickhead. Then he pulls the sheet off me and said, come on, you have to do it too. So I knelt up too. It felt so good him seeing me with my briefs all tented.

Then he goes, on three. He counted to three and pulled down the front of his briefs. His 14-year-old dick sprang up rock hard. I did the same and the head caught on the waistband. When it came loose it slapped up against my stomach. My young boner was pointed straight up. It felt so intensely hard. Every time I moved it wiggled back and forth. Feeling it move made me even hornier.

Back then my dick was about five and a half inches. Small bush but dark. Whenever I got hard, my nutsack pulled up tight. Butch's dick was about an inch longer than mine. Maybe a little less. His bush was bigger, but neither of us had much hair anywhere else. Some on our legs, and our pits just starting. His balls hung kind of loose, one a lot lower than the other. We're both circumcised and his dickhead was wider, a little more like a helmet than my pointed one. His whole dick was redder than my pink one, especially the head.

He leaned back against the footboard of the bed and stretched his legs out alongside me. His hardon was laying up against his stomach and his balls were hanging loose. I leaned back against the head of the bed and stretched out too. Butch picked up his dick with two fingers and started looking at the magazine again. Then he goes, dude, I really need to jack off. I go, me too. So I grabbed my rod and started stroking it with my whole hand.

We both lay there and looked at the magazines while we beat off slowly. I kept glancing over at him to see how he jacked his dick. He was using his whole fist on the shaft. Mine started getting there really fast. It felt so good jacking off with him. Just two horny young boys taking care of their dicks. Without looking up I said, I think I'm getting close.

He said I think I am too. He put down his magazine and put one arm behind his head. I could see the soft boyhair in his armpit. He closed his eyes and said here it comes. His dick was pointed up and his first squirt shot up about eight inches. Then he had like three more, and he shot those on his stomach. Right then my cock unloaded all over my stomach. Not as much jizz as him, but it was still more than I usually made.

Then he goes, fuck man, this is a mess. I laughed and said, yeah. He pulled a box of tissues from under the bed. He took some out and handed it to me. We can flush these in my bathroom, he said.

The way it worked out, my parents left after a week and I stayed there for about two months. Me and Butch jacked off a bunch more times after that. We experimented with mutual j/o, dry humping each others dicks, and one time played with a vibrator.



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