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Sharen a Fantasy

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The Truth:

I may be in a lot of trouble over this contibution from a lot of different people. This is sort of a history of me and the opening of my soul. I am 49-years-old and have been down many roads. I have practiced many religions, tried my hand at politics, tried celebacy, (what a waste of time that was!), many roads. No news to a lot of you, we all live life. Have worked the same job, same location for 26 of those 49 years. Many folks would say, 'How sad'. What I do, is stressful and fast-paced. I do still love it however. I was married for 20 years and have two good kids. I say good, because I cannot say I was the best father, kids are the product of their parents to a degree, and I could have done better in retrospect. Have been divorced since 1996.

Men need to learn something, FAST! Women are so very interesting to be with and listen to. Women feel so deeply and view things so differently than us. The sooner you take the time to try to see where they come from, you will see that the air is clearer, the flowers are smelling sweeter, your step is easier, and women want to talk with you. Open your mind and soul to what they need!!!! I have learned, in my short time here on earth, I love women. I much prefer their company than any male. Women know sports, and are just not obsessed by it. Women don't forget to change their oil in the car, it just wasn't on the list. Help her make a list, and perhaps you will be on it! So many other things I am just beginning to learn. Currently I am in a stable and nurturing relationship with a very wonderful woman. Even then, I find a need to satisfy myself. I love women and am very sexual. My needs are rarely met. I will never force myself on someone, just because I need satisfaction. I have found ways of meeting my needs that gives me a peace in the soul. Perhaps if more people would try to do the same? Subject matter for another time perhaps.

I have a very dear friend that reminded me tonight, I need to keep learning. She asked me a question that got me thinking. She asked, 'Am I just a project?' To her I must say, 'I wish I had never given you that feeling. I need your friendship and do not want to harm that in any way!' I would love to help you find a comfort with your own being. Love to help you remove the edge. Love to help you walk easy with yourself. Help you learn what you need to be pleased. I want to be a friend first and most. If I was gaming with you, that friendship would go away! You would never put up with that. This friend also told me that sharing a fantasy, takes the fantasy away and it will no longer be a fantasy. However, I have so many fantasies involving her, I need to share at least one. I need to share this fantasy because of an inner need to please. Please myself and others. I hope this is pleasing to someone, this fantasy has brought me so much self pleasure, I am sore.

This is just a fantasy, nothing more than a light touch of the hand, or a breathy phone conversation has happened between us. However, I know how she feels on my fingertips, in my mind.

The Fantasy:-

Not long ago someone was hired as a receptionist for our company. For what feels like forever, people in my workplace came and went so often I hardly paid attention. One point in my time here, I even said, 'Someone must be here for three months before I will learn their name.'

I will call her 'K' for this contribution. K came to our company from a temp service. The first time I heard her voice on the intercom, I was interested. Not sure why, I would like to think it is because I have tried to become open to my senses as most women seem to be. Regardless, the voice struck a cord in me. She was the first person hired there that I made a point to go see what they looked like. I liked what I saw from the outset. (Hey, ease up! I am still male after all). NICE!

K had a soft spot in my heart from her start at work. At first very reserved and proper. Dressed to the nines and straight backed. Great legs! Many of our coworkers seemed to kid her of a stanchiness about her. She had been hurt in her past, that was clear, and she was stiff. (Perhaps this is where the 'project' came from!?)

I began to love coming to work. I needed to see what she would wear that day. I was so down if she wore a pants suit. Did I say great legs yet? She slowly came to ease up and began to open up. K has such a great coming and a super going away, in my busy day I have little chance to watch.

One day she came to work in a white button up the front sundress, white pumps with three inch heels and a gold beaded necklace. Gorgeous! Smelled great to. I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. The pumps made her calves so perfect! I know see knew I was looking and seemed to get a kick from it. She would catch my eye and smile. We joked all day long and kidded around as usual. Sticking our tongues out at each other and I would dream up stuff that would take me by her desk. By the end of the day I was almost exhausted from my constant erection. Five o'clock had arrived and someone had gone for some soft drinks. K came in for the unwind session and took up a bar stool at the sales counter. I am sitting across from her to the right, and when she sits the dress drops off her knee. Damn! Perfect! She stretches and says it has been one hell of a day, you know up to this point I had not noticed her breasts! I did now! Wonderful, firm, perfect shape. Anyway we all discuss the day and conversation just flows.

K has to go to the restroom and slides from her stool. The dress rides all the way up to the top of her thigh, I am here to tell you, I wear 501 jeans and not much more and I would have put an eye out with one of the buttons! When K comes back, my eyes bug out of my head! I cannot be the only one to notice, but she has taken off her hose and the buttons on her dress are undone three from the bottom and two from the top! No one seems to notice and I am just glaring. As I do this she reaches for her purse on the floor. She has taken off her bra as well!! What a prefect sight! K gets my attenion by waving a hand in front of my eyes (should have used a two by four to get my attention would be less painless, I'm so hard she should feel me from 20 feet away) and she just smiles, and winks.

Our group is beginning to make their way home and K needs to go get something from her desk she forgot. Once again see slides from her stool. She and I have eye contact as she does so. She has a slight grin and looks slowly downward drawing my eyes along. She has a tattoo! I am looking at her perfectly trimmed, in the shape of a heart, pubic hair. A yellow rose tattoo, just above and to the right! I came right then. Breath short and red faced, toe curl, cum! She smiled!

She walks past me and touches my shoulder as she goes off to her desk.

She is at the other end of the building and the others are coming back from the restrooms and saying their goodbyes. K and I are now alone in the building. Think, think, what to say, something witty, something sweet, apologize for premature ejaculation, crap, can't think--over frickin load!!!!!!!

K is back. Dress buttoned to top and bottom. Hose back on and she is ready to go home. She reaches her hand to my cheek and says softly, 'I'll be thinking of you tonight in my bath, goodnight.' She is gone, I watch as she crosses the lot.

Once again I say she has a great going away!

She gets to her car and turns to look my way. She smiles!

I can make this so real in my mind that I can have an orgasm without touching myself. Whatever you do don't get me started on her red heels! Another fantasy another day.

Good night K




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