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Sexy Nights in Bed

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It turns me on to think that people will read my story and hopefully get turned on by it!


I've been masturbating by myself for years, but I've never been able to sleep naked. My ex-boyfriend always thought it was a little weird when I would immediately have to pull on at least underwear after our masturbation sessions in bed. But this week I'm home from school on a break, and I decided to take advantage of the privacy at home, even though my mom and brother live here.

I prefer to masturbate in bed and fall asleep right after having an orgasm, but I sometimes feel guilty in the morning. It all started a week ago....

I was playing tennis with my family, and I was wearing a tennis skirt with attached shorts without underwear. Although this was a good idea because the rubbing felt good, I knew it would be a while before I could do anything about it. Once we finally got home to our own bedrooms, I dutifully masturbated myself to sleep. That night though, I fell asleep without putting my pyjamas on. When I woke up in the morning, I quickly pulled them on (they were next to the bed) in case my mom decided to wake me up and come into my room. This continued for about three days (well, nights really).

Then one morning after I got out of the shower, I didn't want to get dressed but I didn't have the time to enjoy an orgasm, so I decided to do something sexy for myself. I wanted to have a sexy secret that would drive me up the wall, so after a few minutes of deliberation, I decided that I should put a tube of chapstick in my panties and leave it there all day. At first it felt really good, rubbing against my labia and occasionally poking at my clitoris. But this novelty eventually wore off, and when I went to the bathroom a few hours later it fell out. That was the end of that party.

I got in bed that night and watched a little TV wearing only a t-shirt, and I absently touched myself. I rubbed my clit in circles and stroked my labia and drew circles around my nipples with my fingers, but I was too tired to pleasure myself. I turned off the light, but I decided to sleep completely naked just in case I got the urge in the middle of the night to finish what I had started that morning.

Well, a few hours later I got up to go to the bathroom. I knew everyone was asleep, so I ran there and back without any clothes on! I'm usually very modest, but it was a big turn-on to imagine getting caught! When I got back to my room, I lay down on my stomach very sexily, and I knew I had to take myself in hand! I put two pillows under me and started gently rubbing against them and humping them. Then I turned off the light and grabbed each of my breasts with each hand. Foolishly, I thought I might fall asleep like that, but of course I started fondling myself. I really wanted to go all out for a change and be 'on top', but my bed is really loud when it moves (unfortunately...).

When I was pretty wet from the pillow humping, I rolled over onto my back and commenced my normal technique. I always do this while laying on my back in bed. On my right (larger) breast, I start from my body and draw circles around it all the way out to my nipple. I do this to the left one as well. Then I grab a hold of my right breast with my hand and massage it and squeeze my nipple between two fingers. This feels really good. My left hand wanders down to between my legs. If I'm really in a torturous mood, I'll stroke the pubic hair on the outside and then slowly, gently brush my clit and my slit. At this point I'm usually starting to get wet, so I apply more and more pressure to my clit, moving up and down and around and around, occasionally slipping a finger into my vagina to encourage my own personal lubrication. Some days I continue with one hand on my clitoris and one hand massaging a breast and nipple. When I feel the tension rising and building, I squeeze harder on my nipple and that pain makes my body feel even better.

Other days (such as this one), I need two hands down below. When I'm wet enough, I'll take a phallic object like a marker or pen or tampon in an applicator and slowly slip it inside of me. The new sensation of something in me usually distracts from my other activities, and I gently pump it up and down, in and out. I push it in as deep as it goes without losing it completely inside of me. Then I use one hand to pump the object and one hand to manipulate my clit, usually in circles. By this point I'm soaked. I continue this way until I'm so tense that I'm about to orgasm. I stop, sometimes removing my hands, sometimes freezing them in place. I look at the clock and wait for a whole minute to pass before I resume pleasing myself.

On this particular night, I stopped and could not even count to twenty before I had to keep rubbing and pumping away. I had a body shaking, bite your lip to keep from screaming orgasm that night. It was heavenly! I could barely move my legs afterwards. I reached up and turned the light off and fell asleep from sheer ecstacy.

I really enjoy sleeping naked or with just panties on. It's really sensual, and I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face from having my own private secret.



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