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Sexy Doctor Office Visit

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This is the story of what happened when I went to see the doctor.


Here is my story of a recent trip to the doctor's office.

I was recently told by my barber to have a patch of skin on my face looked at by my medical doctor. He said it was just a concern of his since this patch of skin did not tan evenly with the rest of my skin. I made an appointment with my doctor for the following week. That weekend I bumped into my doctor in the grocery store parking lot. We exchanged greetings. She asked how things were going. I sighed saying I could not get in to see her until later in the week. She asked what was wrong and I showed her the patch of skin in question.

She admitted her office was busy. She also said I would need to see a specialist. Her office would do the required consult forms and I could make the appointment with the dermatologist. Long week of waiting was over, moving onto the next step, making an appointment with the derm doc.

The derm doctor's office said Dr Greene can see me this Friday at the earliest. I again had to wait.

When I got in to see Dr Greene I was informed that Dr Greene had to attend to a family emergency and that Dr Casey would be seeing me. At this point I did not care, so long as a doctor would be seeing me.

I was brought into the exam room and told to wait for the doctor. The door was closed and there I sit, waiting again. The door opens a minute later and in walks this woman in a white coat with the name tag of Dr C. Casey. She was drop dead gorgeous, young (well younger looking than me) long hair, tall and had a contagious smile that would brighten up anyone's day. She introduced herself and said she would be filling in for Dr Green.

She asked the general question, what brings you in here today? I felt like saying her smile, but opted for the reason of the patch of non tan skin on my face. She leans in to my face to get a better look, turns away and grabs a magnifying lens off the counter. She leans back in and looks the area over. She then proceeds to check other surrounding areas of my face, areas not currently in question. She says that we should keep an eye on the spot and see if it changes in the next few weeks. She asks if there are any other patches like this on my body. I tell her that I do not think so. She then grabs my arms and starts looking them over while she is telling me this.

She then says that she normally does a body scan to see if any other areas of the body have any other types of patches on them. She again turns to the counter and then hands me a paper gown. She says she will leave the room while I put this paper gown on. I must have sighed a little too loud because she asked what was wrong. I said nothing is wrong I just hate those stupid paper gowns. (I don't know about you but they never fit right, always break and tend to fall off the shoulders, it's just a mess to deal with those stupid things). She agrees that she hates them as well and says we don't need to use it if I don't want to. I agreed.

'Off with your t-shirt and please stand up' she says. I do as instructed. She again leans in real close and looks every inch of my skin, lifting my arms, turning me around and pressing different areas of my skin stretching it out (I guess) to get a better view of what my skin is doing. She has me face her as she grabs the chair and requests I remove my pants.

I start to unbuckle my belt and pants and hesitate for a brief second. She picks up on my hesitation and says to just leave my shorts on, just drop the pants. I then tell her that I am not wearing any shorts today. She says a quick, well that's alright, and motions me to get moving.

Down go the pants and off they are, on the edge of the exam table. There I stand in front of this gorgeous woman sitting in her doctor chair facing my privates up close. She starts to lean in and take a look at my legs when she pulls back and questions the lack of tan lines. She asks am I normally this tan or have I been laying out in the sun? I admit to her that I do not like tan lines and often tan nude in my backyard. She then tells me that normally patients leave their underwear on and she skips that part of the body scan, unless there is a specific need to check under the underwear. I had the number one reason why she would check under my shorts (that I was not wearing) or anyone's shorts that admitted to tanning nude. She asked if I use sun screen, to which I do. Good she says and continues to look my legs over.

She then requests I jump up onto the table and lay down, face down. She then proceeds to checks my back again with a quick scan down to my butt, my legs and my feet, lifting each leg as she checks. She then instructs me to turn over and lie on my back. She then again scans the skin from neck down looking closely, poking, stretching...

She gets to my privates and grabs my cock with one hand and lifts it up out of the way and then my ball sack with her other hand. I instantly get an erection. I tried to think about something else to attempt to trick my mind into thinking this was not happening. Anything I thought of came with the mental image that she was there hold my cock. It was not working. The growing erection in my hand got harder and harder. That's when she noticed what was happening and quickly removed her hands from me. She said she was sorry and did not intend for that to happen. I told her no I am sorry I tried to not let it happen. She left that area of my body scan and moved onto my lower legs.

There I lay, on the exam table, naked and rock hard erect. She finishes up her exam and says she has never had that happen. I asked what a patient not wearing shorts? She said well yeah that too, but she had never made a patient of hers become so erect and hard. She then adds in 'and so quickly.' I again apologized. She says it's not my fault and I should not apologize.

She then takes the conversation into a different discussion, one I was originally shocked to hear. She said her boyfriend tells her that anytime she makes him get an erection he is either going to do her or masturbate, her choice. She said his reason is he doesn't want to waste the erection since she is the one that did it to him. I said if I masturbated every time I got an erection I think my dick would have fallen off years ago. She smiled that quirky smile and said that's unlikely to really happen. She then says sorry again and then says 'I will leave you two alone for a bit, take care of, um, things, if you want to, then get dressed and I will be back in.'

Here I am naked, hard and being told by this drop dead gorgeous female doctor to beat off. I almost wanted to ask her to stay, but thought that to be a bit unprofessional and wrong, so I did not ask her. She walks out of the room. I go to town, again imaging in my head the events that just took place. I imagined it was her hand there on my cock, stoking up and down. I imagined her face mere inches from my cock, looking so intently....

I was getting close to orgasm when the door opened and in walks the doctor looking in her chart she was carrying. She closed the door, turn to see me mid stroke, still lying on her exam table naked. She yelps a bit and says sorry I thought you were dressed by now. Seeing that I was so close to shooting my load I did not want to stop. I could not stop. I kept stroking wanting that release. She froze staring at my hand moving up and down.

My load released on to my stomach. My hand stopped moving. My cock was still rock hard and wanting some more. She turns away and grabs a few tissues off the counter, turns to hand them to me. I am too weak and unable to meet her offering with my own hand. She then offers to clean me up, if I don't mind. Of course I don't mind at this point. After she wipes up the spill off my stomach and chest she turns back around and says I can get dressed now and if I don't mind she would like to finish up with me and go over a few things while I get dressed.

I have no idea what she said to me other than, come back in a few weeks and we will look at the skin in question to see if any changes happened. I made the appointment and left the office. I went home, still rock hard and started round two, sadly by myself. But I still had the fresh images in my head.

I cannot wait for the next appointment!



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