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Sexual Play

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One day years ago when I was about twenty, I was in another city on business. A friend of the family (Jim) and his wife invited me over for dinner to make me feel at home. On the appointed day I arrived a bit early. The wife was still at work. Jim was home but had to leave to get things at the store for dinner and to pick up the wife. They had a teen daughter(Sarah) who was just getting home from school. We were introduced as we had never met before.

When Jim left in the car, Sarah and I were alone with each other and we hit it off well. We began to chat, talking about her school, her boyfriends, and other things.

After we got comfortable with each other, she began to flirt with me. I was taken aback but delighted because she was cute and had nice boobs and a very nice ass. We ended up sitting on the couch next to each other. She would pull on my tie, or hit me with a couch pillow, or do other things in a flirtatious manner.

After fooling around this way for a while, she moved close to me on the couch, reached over and placed a dainty hand on my knee, and squeezed it. 'This is getting pretty friendly,' I thought. Immediately a bolt of lightening shot up my inner thigh bringing my cock to attention. Not to be outdone, I responded and put my hand on her knee and squeezed. She giggled and smiled at me. Then it was her turn. She did the same only just a little higher on my leg. Again, I felt a bolt of lightning.

We kept doing this in turn, getting more daring, moving further and further up each other's leg. Wow! She would squeeze me and I would return the favor. By now my cock was starting to swell extending down the pant leg where she was squeezing. My pants had tight legs so the outline of my cock was visible through the material. Her next grab was right on my cock. I knew she could feel it as she let her hand linger and her squeeze was more of a feel. By now her giggling had stopped. Things were getting serious. 'What was this girl up to?' I was wondering. What did she want? I was just trying to be friendly, but she apparently wanted something else.

Soon we weren't squeezing legs. We were feeling each other up. She explored up and down the length of my now rock-hard cock through my pants, and I began to lightly touch her upper leg near her pussy. She had on a skimpy dress so it was almost like touching her skin.

This was getting fun, fun, fun. There we were-me and this sexy, cute teen whom I just met a hour or so before. We hit it off right away, and now we were getting sexually aroused feeling each other up. What delight! But what next?

I decided to be the aggressor, so I took her dress and began to pull it slowly up her leg. She responded by opening her legs wide. I took that as a signal and moved her dress all the way up exposing her white cotton panties. She had public hairs protruding round her panties. Then I put my hand directly on her crotch feeling her pussy through her panties. OMG! Her panties were soaking wet. She continued to feel up and down the length of my cock, and I continued to rub her pussy through her panties. Pre-cum was now visibly soaking through my pants making a very wet spot.

We played with each other like this for a length of time. But our fun was abruptly halted when we heard her parents' car pull into the drive.

We were not able to do anything more or go further, but we both wanted to. Had her parents not come at that time, I know we would have masturbated each other to climax.

We ate dinner and I left. I have never seen Sarah again. But I often masturbate to the image of that experience, and I like to think she does too.



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