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Sex Education in Schools

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How important is learning about masturbation?

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When I grew up in the 50's sex education didn't exist and I only learned about it for older boys. My close friend and I were the same age (13) and had begun experiencing erections but had no idea why.

We had heard older 14 and 15 year olds talking about beating their meat and watching cum shoot off and how good it felt. When we asked what they were talking about we were told we were too young to know.

We eventually did learn to masturbate and did it several times together however we had no idea girls could enjoy doing it too. As I became a late teenager and was dating girls I was always having erections while smooching and fondling with a girl friend in the Drive In. I felt a few breasts through the girl's clothes and fingered a few pussies but that was as far as it went in those days. A girl never offered to touch me where I would have liked her too. I just resorted to jerking off when I got home.

It wasn't until I married that I finally learned about a clitoris. My wife was rather Victorian and said she had never masturbated. If she knew about a clitoris she didn't mention it. Our usual sex involved only intercourse in the Missionary position and she rarely had a climax. Even though I continued to masturbate it had to it in secret as I quickly learned she felt, from her religious upbringing, it was gross and unacceptable for anyone to masturbate.

I have no idea if masturbation is included sex education is schools however I have felt for years it should be the parent's responsibility to teach their children about sex and masturbation at an early age before they learn the wrong aspect from kids on the streets. Unfortunately when I grew up sex was never mentioned by my parents.

When I grew up only about 3% of females became pregnant. Today the number is 70% and growing. When a male is getting too aroused during a fondling sexual episode with his girl friend and he is edging toward having intercourse, the girl could easily solve his erection problem with a quick hand job if she is so inclined. Otherwise she should say, 'I'm not ready to go that far! Take me home'.

Parents....take heed and teach your children before adolescent hormones start kicking in before they search elsewhere for relief and sexual gratification.

Let them know about masturbation and that it is OK to do. It's far better than having to raise an illegitimate child fathered most times by an unknown male during five minutes of night time fun with your daughter.

Promoting abstinence hasn't been and probably never will be 100% successful. Be honest now..........Did abstinence work for you?

Read the excellent article:

Flipping Off The Pleasure Police

Part 4: Puberty and Sex Education

by Dave, Solo Touch's original Webmaster:




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