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Sex Clinic

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I still think of these guys and their dicks


Years ago, I used to work at a large mid western university which had a Department of Behavioral Medicine. Some of my experiences there still provide me with stimulating memories. We had a clinic on campus that was open to the students which conducted, among other things, sex research and counseling. There were a number of graduate research programs being conducted at the clinic while I was there. One in particular I recall fondly. We had no shortage of male volunteers for the project. We were studying the sexual response cycle in college-age men and their automatic reflex responses to stimulation. The findings of our study indicated that sexual response can described as a cycle in four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. The stages were not always clearly separated and varied considerably. The clinic workers always worked in pairs so that an accurate record was made of each experiment. A special lab was built to protect the identity of the subjects and the clinic workers. A half wall was suspended from the ceiling so that we could not see the subject's upper body and they could not see ours. Each subject was shown to a dressing room where they were told to remove their clothing. They were then told to enter the lab and stand behind the 'half-wall.' For this particular experiment, only female clinic workers were chosen so the men would not feel turned-off by any possible homosexual inhibition. They were all told not to touch or fondle themselves in any way. When they entered the lab, most men were already in the excitement stage, as evidenced by their erect penis. Some entered in a flaccid state and had to be stimulated. We had to be aware of our subject being under the conditions of anxiety or fatigue. If they were just plain fatigued (rarely the case) we told them to come back another time. If they were influenced by anxiety we tried to soothingly reassure them that they should relax and enjoy their time in the lab. The mere sound of our voices and the sight of our lower bodies was sufficient to set the penis jumping to attention.

Natural mechanisms of sexual arousal wax and wane in everyone (including us workers) just as some biological processes fluctuate a bit. The firmness and size is not always a clear indication of the approaching plateau phase. In the plateau phase high levels of sexual arousal are maintained and intensified, potentially setting the stage for orgasm. For some of the men, this phase was exceptionally brief, and they had difficulty controlling ejaculation. In the plateau phase, the diameter of the head of the penis near the ridge increases in size and this area often deepened in color, due to the blood flow. The change in size varied widely from 50 percent to 100 percent larger. We projected erotic images on the upper half of their wall to help stimulation. In some cases, we often reached out to touch or stroke the subject's penis to help him reach his plateau. We took note of the state of the testes (balls) as sexual tension mounted towards orgasm. They tighten up, elevate and begin to rotate forward. Full elevation of the balls almost always indicated the orgasm was eminent. During the plateau phase is when small amounts of clear fluid (some call it pre-cum) sometimes appear from the urethra (pee hole, or slit). The heart rate increased and breathing also became faster. As workers, we always had a lot of fun during this stage. I know this doesn't seem professional, but come on, we were only human too. I literally loved to see and feel so many different men and to see how their penises reacted to the increased tension. Some of them didn't last very long but some were definitely.

The effective sexual stimulation continued in the plateau phase to a point was reached where the body suddenly discharged its accumulated sexual tension in a peak of sexual arousal called orgasm. Orgasm is the shortest phase of the response cycle. Usually only lasting several seconds of intense release. Orgasm occurs in two distinct stages. A sensation of ejaculatory inevitability occurs when the man has the feeling of reaching the brink of control. The second stage is when the penis contracts causing ejaculation or the spurting of semen out of the tip. After the first three or four contractions, the interval between contractions increases. Some men discharged huge amounts of fluid while others only dribbled. Interestingly, the amount of ejaculate did not always affect the amount of pleasure derived.

The final stage of the cycle, the resolution was usually very short and the penis diminishes in size. Some of the men were able to have multiple orgasms before full resolution was resolved.

This was a very exciting period in my life where I got to see and handle many different penises while remaining nameless and faceless with no cumbersome emotional attachment involved. It also helped me to be a better lover and appreciative of the many men in my world.



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