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Set Up

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How I tricked my girlfriend into masturbating for me.


I'm a frequent reader of Solo Touch and have been for many years (since sometime in the proaxis days). Probably about time I contributed to this amazing site.

It has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember to watch girls masturbate. Later I realized that what fascinates me the most is the female orgasm and I have spent countless hours on the internet looking for material (porn/educational) on the subject. I have almost given up on porn though since 99% of the movies you see are with fake female orgasms (if they even bother faking it) and are fixed with male domination which is not a turn-on for me.

My interest in the female orgasm has made the sex life with my girlfriend (been together for five years now) very much centered around her (me masturbating her) and she does not complain. At first she felt bad about not spending as much time doing me as I spend on her but now she knows that stimulating her excites me just as much as her.

A 'typical' session for us the past years has almost exclusivly been around mutual masturbation and just occasionaly ending with intercourse. A few years back I asked her if she would allow me to watch her when she masturbates but she did not like the idea. She admitted that she masturbated every now and again but wouldn't feel comfortable allowing me to watch. Not wanting to pressure her into somthing she didn't enjoy I left it at that knowing that my fantasy would probably come true some day. She was a virgin when we met and I wanted things to go at a tempo she was comfortable with. Later I came up with a plan how to make this come true, it proved to be quite ingenious.

We came home quite late this night (a few months ago) having been at a restaurant with friends all evening. We had both had quite a bit of wine with the dinner and a few beers afterwards. She rarely drinks more than a glass or two on these occasions, which I must admit not being too happy about because when she does drink she gets extremely horny. I knew that my plan would be a lot easier with her a bit tipsy.

It always takes her ten minutes longer than me to get into bed so I just lay there wondering if maybe this was the night I would see her bring herself off. When she came to bed I quickly saw that this was as good an opportunity as they get. She climbed in wearing only a very small night gown which hardly covers her big breasts and straight away went to action. She cuddled up to me in the spooning position, took my right hand and placed it on her breast and started to grind her ass to my erect penis.

Her nipples are very sensitive and somtimes she can almost cum just from me squeezing and teasing her breasts. When I moved down to her pussy I could feel that she was extremly horny. Although she always gets quite wet, this was something exceptional. She was soaked. I gently rubbed her outer lips and I could feel her juices leaking from her pussy down to her ass. I spent a few minutes teasing her, barly touching her clit and she was moaning softly in frustration hoping for a quick relief. She did not know at that point that she was not about to get any relief from me.

Slowly I applied more pressure on her clit and she started to buck her hips to meet my movements. When I felt that she was getting closer to the climax I put a finger in her vagina to get some of that lovely juice and rubbed it on her nipples and licked it off, taking enough time to let her cool down. I repeated the process several times each time leaving her closer to the relief she craved for so much. This was something we frequently did so she suspected nothing although I could sense that it would be difficult to delay her orgasm for as long as I wanted with her so extremely hot. The longer I can delay her orgasm the more powerful they get. I now eased my middle and ring finger in her vagina and started to stimulate her G spot, hoping that this variation would buy me some time. That did the trick. I could now stimulate her G-spot with my middle and ring finger and use my thumb on her clit while I sucked on her nipples. Instead of stopping all stimulation when she was about to reach climax I simply removed my thumb but continued to rub her G-spot leaving her right on the edge for several minutes. She was now moaning very loudly and I knew our neighbours could hear her moans and even the squashy sounds of her soaking pussy, but neither of us cared.

Our session had now lasted for about 45 minutes and I now had her exactly like I wanted her. I could with a flick of my thumb make her cum in a very powerful orgasm but I had other intentions. Once again I very cautiously brushed her clit (I hardly needed to touch it) and then took her hand and placed it on one of her breasts (like she has described she does when she masterbates) and she needed no further hints and started to rub her nipple as she moaned, probably thinking I would now let her cum but yet again I reduced the pressure on her clit leaving her painfully close to the climax. Allowing a few seconds pass, just to make sure she was not going to cum from this wave, I then reached for her other hand and placed it on her pussy as I removed my fingers from her vagina. She now had very few options, either she would rub herself to an orgasm or she would get no orgasm at all. Obviously surprised, she hesitated for a second. To make things clearer I started to rub my cock with my hand soaked up to my wrist in her juices. She didn't need to think about her options and started to rub her clit and her breasts. I knew that my plan had worked and I was so hot that I had to stop touching my cock or I would cum right then and there.

Ten seconds later she had picked up speed and her moaning told me she was cumming. She burst out in a scream and this incredably sexy sight made me shoot my load all over her belly and breasts. She took a long time to get down from the climax her body twisting and turning in spasms. I felt like I was in a dream.

Instead of getting mad at me for setting her up she cuddled up to me and gave me a kiss and we fell asleep without saying a word. Masturbating together is now a regular part of our sex life.



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