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Sensual Nurse

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Helping with homework.


Our company hired a young girl (20) to be our librarian. (Her job was to file and do research.) I was working in the information technology department and was asked to help with some library upgrades. She was hot. Black hair, very soft white skin, succulent tits, very (VERY) sensitive nipples. She was raised in a very strict religious house, so she never really had a serious boyfriend and had no sexual experience AT ALL.

She had just moved to her own apartment and it was only a half mile from my place, and about a mile from our offices. I learned she often went jogging after work and often walked to work. I offered to walk to work with her, and we became real good friends. We went to lunch a lot and even went to several movies. Then things turned sexy!

On one walk home, she asked me if I slept in sweats or PJs. I told her I slept nude. She laughed and said once she moved out of her very strict home, she took to sleeping nude and even walking around her apartment nude.

About 10:30 p.m. that night, my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Audrey, in sweats, having just been our for a jog and she decided to jog over to my place. She was hot and sweaty and looked very HOT (if you know what I mean). I invited her in and she said she was there to spend the night (and then laughed). I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. She said I was a good friend and she was sexually turned on around me-and she wanted to be a little rebellious.

She was sweaty so she went and showered and came out of the shower-you guessed it-naked. What a hot moment! I was really turned on and she noticed right away. She had seen the male cock before (her younger brother) but never in a sexual excited way. She said she was too nervous to try anything intense, but she wanted to touch and find out what the male cock was all about. We sat and talked about masterbation, and she said after she was in her own place, she did it all the time. So she showed me and then asked me to show her. I did. After that, she said, let's just snuggle up and go to sleep-which we did. Although I did get to nibble on her tits and discovered her nipples would get her very turned on and wet! The next morning, I took her to her apartment so she could get cleaned up and go to work.

After that night, our relationship got decidedly more sexual. She like to masturbate for me, have me do her (and suck on her clit), suck on her nipples, and she loved bring me off. She didn't like to sleep over, so usually we'd go to her place after work. Audrey, I'm guessing, had such a strict upbringing that she was making up for it. One cool thing was that she got very wet and did the female ejaculation thing when she came. It was pretty neat to watch!

She was one of the most sexually open girls I ever knew. She liked having me come to her place, and we'd watch TV or have dinner (she was a great cook) or we'd even play some older board games-all in the nude. She loved it when I just fondled her tits! Then we'd get each other off, and that was our date. She'd like to cum during movies and also bring me off in the theater. That was a great turn on for her too!

One day she surprised me and asked me to order a vibrator for her. She was too embarrassed to order one, so I did. When it came, I brought it to her apartment as a surprise. I ordered a rather small one, but she was delighted. It fitted inside her all the way, making it an interesting view-she is in obvious pleasure, rubbing her clit, the vibrator deep inside her, and then finally she gushes all over the sheets. (I still get turned on thinking about her delight with her first vibrator.)

After we'd been dating about six months, she decided she was going to be a nurse and enrolled in nursing school and worked only part-time. That was OK, but it cut into her free time. I became her guinea pig when she wanted to do her anatomy homework. She'd study naked and finally we would kiss and masturbate each other as an end to her homework.

The most memorable part of her nursing study was when she wanted to practice inserting a catheter. I was somewhat reluctant having something put in my cock, but agreed when she said she'd be extra careful. So here I am, naked on the floor, and she's also naked except for her latex gloves, and I have this paper sheet over my legs and she's all ready with this (what looked) huge rubber tube.

I was really hard from the normal turn-on at being naked with Audrey, but also from the excitement. All I remember is when the catheter slid in (she'd really lubed it up) and down inside, I was really stimulated. Then she hit my prostate (she explained what was happening) and then into the bladder, I was about to cum-it was a super turn-on. It was like being masturbated from the inside, very intense. She was so happy to practice her 'homework' on me, she wanted me to make her cum right then, so I did her clit and she gushed all over the carpet. What an experience. After she removed the cath from me, she jacked me off and that was so intense, I didn't think I would ever quit. It was such an excitement for her, she practiced the 'procedure' on me several other nights as well.

Several months later I proposed marriage, but she thought we'd never make it because of what she called religious differences, and that her parents would not accept me because I was not of her faith. I was depressed for weeks! Anyway, to this day, anytime I see a nurse I get so hard it's almost painful. Even writing about this has got me hard and I need to go take care of things!



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