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(Self) Love in the Middle Kingdom Pt.1

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One of my adventures with my beautiful girl. Love her to death. This is going to sound made up. If you think so, I don't blame you. I'm EXTREMELY lucky. . . that's why I'm marrying her this year. Hey, I'm not stupid-I know a good thing when I have it.


My girlfriend is Chinese. Not Chinese-American, but Chinese, from China. She's thin and short with black hair with brown highlights, and the cutest little body you've ever seen. I'm a tall white guy with blue eyes, a little extra weight but I think I'm fat because I live in China. I'm pretty average in the States.

Sex and sexuality in China are not topics of conversation, and most people are very, very reluctant to say anything about it. There are no sex ed programs in school, and parents typically don't teach their kids about sex. Condoms are available, but safe sex is not a big point with the government. So many people are very child-like and immature when it comes to sex. Sorry for the rant.

My girlfriend and I have been together for a while, and we've been fearlessly breaking down every hang-up she's been culturally programmed to have. I've had to patiently convince her that 'it's OK FOR A WOMAN TO LIKE SEX. It's OK, and I'll NEVER think you're a bad girl for making yourself happy, or what we do in the bedroom. . .'

We started small, but after my girlfriend became more comfortable, and as we trusted each other more and more, we got more and more experimental. We love sex, but masturbation is a big part of what we do in bed. Because she's learning all of this and just told 'all sex is bad,' she doesn't have the specific hang-ups a lot of western women do, especially about masturbation.

One day we were tired after a long session, lying together in bed. I lazily moved my hands over body, exploring every curve and inch, from her hair to her feet. I had a great idea. 'Honey, why don't you shave your pussy?'

'Really? Why?'

'Well, it would be more convenient for me, and you're so cute, I think you'd look great.'

'Hmmm. . . that's pretty weird in China. You know, it's not lucky.'

Talking about it had given me a hard-on, as I thought of being in the shower with her, soap running down her body. . .

I looked in her eyes. 'Please?'

'OK. Let's do it!'

I was in heaven. I got my scissors and a clean razor out and we hit the shower.

'You should shave 'him',' she said, half-joking.

'Ok, you're the boss,' I told her, in all seriousness. After all, I'm always up for something new and I've heard some good things about shaving down there.

We had a great time in the shower. I enjoyed watching the soap bubbles float down her body and playing with her great little tits, like I always do.

She let me cut away most of the hair on her mound, and I was getting HOT. Oh, wow. When it was short enough, she rubbed some soap on her little pussy and started to shave.

I couldn't help it. I used some soap and started to play with myself, gliding my hand over my cock. After a while she looked up at me in her adorable little way and said, 'Check and see if I'm done.'

I got down to my knees and looked at her freshly shaven box. Oh wow. . .'oh wait, honey, missed a spot. Give me the razor.' When I was down there, I kissed her belly and ran my hands over her lips and played with her clit a little. She moaned as I slipped a finger into her pussy and I was pleased and turned on to find out how hot and wet she was. I did this for while and she told me to get up.

There, perfect. Now, it was my turn.

She was a little bit afraid of cutting my pubes, but I couldn't blame her. I'm really proud of my cock, which she says is 'like an elephant's nose, and very beautiful,' but is really not very special (an honest 7 1/2 inches, pretty thick and cut), but I do think it's a good looking penis, if I don't say so myself.

She did her best, and I did most of my balls. It was great. My penis looked a lot bigger and I loved the way my new shave felt. She grabbed my cock and using some more soap as lube gave it some attention.

I looked down at her (I have to, I'm 6'3' and she's 5'1') and watched her smile as she had my cock in her small hands. She kept stroking me and I got harder and harder, and while she was stroking me, the head of my penis was banging softly against her chest. She took my cock and rubbed it on her nipples, rocking back and forth, back and forth. She then took my balls in her other hand and began squeezing them gently. . .

I couldn't take it anymore. The whole scene, with her looking in my eyes with a mischievous look, her cute little hands on my cock and balls, her freshly shaven pussy . . . I came. HARD. This was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, and I almost passed out in the shower. I was seeing stars and was gasping for breath.

I looked at her, smiled, and said, 'I love you.'

I gave her a hug, as the water washed my come away. . .

I took care of her in my bed, which was more convenient for me because of our height difference and I can't talk about specifically. Since that day, we like to take a shower before we have sex and we usually shave too! I'll post more stories if anyone wants them. I've visited this site many times over the years and thought I should submit one of mine. Enjoy yourselves and your partner!



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