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Seeing is Believing

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Seeing is believing
The experience I am about to share with you is a reminder to me, just how fortunate my life has been. It took place a few years ago while I was living with me girlfriend (who eventually became my ex-wife). Her best friend was getting married, so my girlfriend volunteered our apartment for her bachlorette party.
It was cool, I went out with the boys and the future groom to a couple of topless bars and one of the places even had Mud Wrestling. These babes wrestling were really put together and would dance around the room before the match and collect dollar bills in exchange for 10 sec.lap dances or to just rub their titties in your face. Well, I had my favorite and after spending a wad of singles on her I had a wad of cum filling my balls. As the night continued and I got more drunk, I was also getting quite horny, as my bulge in my Levi's would attest. My balls were actually aching like back in high school.
It was late enough and we decided to go home. All the way to my apartment I was thinking of all the ways I was going to fuck my girlfriend. The pressure in my loins was quite painful and knew I had a huge cumshot waiting to happen. For whatever reason, my girlfriend totally got off seeing me shoot big ones and to be humble, I admit I am proud of the distance I have been known to achieve. I have been blessed with a dick that cums like a big water gun.
Anyway, when I got home I was bummed because the party was still going on. Most of the girls had left except for the future bride and two of her friends. The four girls were "feeling no pain" and approaching that point of obnoxiousness. I was bummed because they were still going strong and apparently I was not going to be able to make love to girlfriend and relieve my hard on and very blue balls.
They were shooting tequila and watching porn movies. That told me to sit down and have a shot, and since I am not rude, I did. As I sat there I looked up at the TV screen and saw the porn they were watching. It was of guys by themselves jacking off. A couple had huge dicks as the girls laughed and frolicked. In one scene, the guy exploded cum in a rather prodigious display. I thought to myself that "lucky bastard got to relieve himself while I sit here in pain." Well, the other girls were amazed at the cumshot, in fact they thought it was fake as they kept hitting rewind and slow motion. I couldn't take their loud laughing and drunkenness so I excused myself and said I was going to bed. They were still arguing if that cumshot was real as I attempted to excuse myself. Suddenly my girlfriend announces that I cum like that all the time. Totally embarrassed I try to ignore it when one of the girls, Pam, noticed my hard on and commented about me, "He looks cocked and ready to fire." More ha-ha's and I had to go to bed.
As I laid there in bed, I could still hear them talking about cumshots and my girlfriend bragging about abilities. I found myself stroking my dick and listening to their conversation as it was really turning me on. I always was turned on by Pam too, she had an awesome set of tits.
Things got strangely quiet, as I stopped stroking and tried to figure out what was going on, perhaps they finally passed out. Suddenly, in the crack of the door, I saw 8 eyes looking in at me. My girlfriend pushed opened the door and immediately pulled the covers off of me, exposing my hand wrapped around my throbbing hard on. She said her friends doubted my "abilities" and said I had to show them my best shot. "Well"...I thought, "there is a god and who am I to deprive them of their request."
They all jumped on the bed around me, 2 to my left, my girlfriend to my right, (so she could help) and one between my legs. They cheered and jeered, coaxing me on. Pam, who was the one positioned between my legs, was hot with great breasts that I always admired. She bent over, and I could now see down her T-shirt as her braless boobs swayed as the bed rocked with each stroke. My girlfriend soon announced that I was close and to push me over, they should show me some tit.
They didn't need to, because right then I exploded like never before. The first shot landed in Pam's hair a couple of feet away and then they all took turns pumping out my cum. Each one grabbing my convulsing fountain, one by one, to see how much distance they could each get out of me. Needless to say, there was indeed quite a mess that was made that night!
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