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Seeing Dad jacking off

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Seeing Dad jacking off shed new light on my perspective of jacking off.


To my knowledge, my Dad is straight. He's dated a few women, mostly co-workers, and I've only met a couple of them over the past few years. He split from my Mom siting irreconcilable differences when I was about 12 years old, and ever since then I lived with my Mom, and saw him occasionally. I'm straight as well, although I've had a couple experiences with friends (different stories). During the Summer I come up to Illinois to spend time with my Dad. He has a lake house (a small lake house, we're not rich by any means). It has 2 bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms. Well, my bedroom is the loft upstairs, which overlooks the rest of the house. The bedrooms all have low profile walls, since the entire house has vaulted ceilings, and to avoid any lack of air flow, Dad designed it to be open concept. I can see right into his room basically. We've never been shy around each other, and so I have seen him naked, and in semi hard states in the past. We've always been open about sex, and issues, so this story isn't really one of those embarrassing moments, rather, a new perspective on my Dad.

I drove up last Wednesday to meet up at a pizza place in town with Dad. He was at the bar, and greeted me with a hug. He's mid 40s, and a lady killer (seriously, you should see some of the women he gets hit on by...smokin!) He's got dark blondish brown hair, with little bits of gray showing. He usually has 5 o'clock shadow goin on 24/7, and he's broad in the shoulders, and solid at the waist. I don't think he really works out, but he's got an athletic build, with light muscular lines. (He's a foreman at a major manufacturing plant). He's often shirtless in the Summer, so he gets a dark copper color. I'm explaining this for all of the visual people who like descriptive stories.

We hung out for awhile, and had a couple beers, leaving just before midnight to go home. I immediately went upstairs to the loft, and threw my bag down, practically passing out without even undressing. The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon, and hurried downstairs to eat. My Dad was standing at the stove, wrapped in a short towel, that went about halfway down his thighs. "Good morning Sam, hope you're hungry." i sat at the bar table and we talked about what we were going to do that day. Fireworks didn't start til 9:00, since it doesn't get dark until about 8:45. we were just going to go on the boat, and maybe fish near the damn at the end of a nearby river. I hurriedly ate, and we left. i got really dark, and a little burnt on my back, and by the time we got back to the house, Dad had some burnt areas too. We put aloe vera on each other, and sat on the back porch with some beers. We chatted a bit, and went in to shower and change for the festivities that night. Before the fireworks, there are a few people who set up tents, selling food and drinks, and there's a little dance area, they really get into it. I showered and went up to change, and came back down to meet Dad....the fireworks were awesome, and Dad got hit on by some locals. i made eyes with a couple girls, but that was about it...anyway...

The next morning I woke up around 8:30. It was overcast, but the whole house was lit by the natural lighting. I didn't smell food, or hear any noise, and I just lay there, wondering what we would do if it ended up raining. I felt my dick rub against the sheets, and it throbbed uncontrollably. I looked down, and saw a tent in the sheets. Sighing lightly, I reached down and gave myself a couple tugs. I hadn't jacked off in probably 2 weeks, just with being busy and all. I stopped myself, and rolled to the edge of the bed, at the edge of the loft, and glanced over, to see if Dad was up and around. To my slight shock, he was definitely up, laying spread eagled on his bed, dick in hand. Now, my room is only about 14 feet above him, so I had a CLEAR view of what he was doing. He was being very quiet about it, but I could tell he was really into his jacking off. I wanted to look away, and give him privacy, but part of my was really curious how my Dad jacked his dick. I'm pretty simple with my method, and occasionally, I'll rub my taint, and pull at my sack, but that's as adventurous as I get.

Dad was sniffing at his armpits, and biting at his bicep. He had a distinct tanline under his arm, and dark curly pit hair, that appeared sweaty. He propped himself up, watching his right hand move up and down his shaft. He's average length, and really thick, which I remember from past experiences, seeing him. I've never seen him with trimmed pubes, but it looked like he recently cut them down to a medium buzz. His pubes are dark, almost black, and they cover a large area of his crotch, and upper thighs. His balls looked full and pink, and he would occasionally pull at them, with his thick shaft throbbing off to the side. I gulped quietly while I watched, leaving my mouth dry. I felt feverish, but intrigued, and I couldn't stop watching. He turned and fluffed up his pillows, propping his shoulders and neck against them, sitting up almost straight, while he continued to jack off. I felt pre cum ooze a little out of my own dick, but I wanted to watch this play out, and finish myself later.

I'm not sure how much time had passed, but Dad was really working himself over, sliding his feet up, and back down, arching his back, and pulling his knees up, in rhythm of his jacking. He kept pushing his hair from his face, which was plastered in sweat. I started to hear him breathing deeply, and moaning a little. From where I was peeking, he didn't have a good view of me, and I noticed him glancing up occasionally toward my staircase. I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead and upper lip. I could almost cum in my pants if I wanted to. He started to rub his left hand over his pecs and nipples, pinching at them lightly, and slowly pulling at his dick. All at once I heard him let out a low growl type moan, and he pointed his dick up, toward his face, shooting stream after stream of cum upward. He hit his lips and chin with several shots, coating his chest and abs with cum. He even opened his mouth at one point, and let a couple shots enter his lips. I gulped strongly, realizing I was on the edge of cumming myself. I clenched my prostate to keep myself from cumming, and hung on to the edge of the bed, to keep still. He closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, squeezing out a couple more drops of cum. I got a whiff of sex & jizz, as he slowly calmed himself. I felt a slight heat wave as well. He gave off this musky scent that I'm very familiar with, it was the same as my own! I was so turned on by this. The man who just exploded in cum, was the man who made me. It was unbelievable, the connection I felt, although I knew I probably shouldn't have watched him in this personal moment. I waited a few minutes, as he flatted himself against his bed, letting his dick hang off to one side, slowly rubbing cum into his chest and abs, and licking at his lips. He seemed to content in that moment, and I knew the exact feeling.

I slid back down to my sleeping position, letting my dick throb against the sheets. I pulled my tank top off, and quickly jerked myself off, cumming quickly, and powerfully into my shirt. I didn't make a noise, and I kept my breathing quiet and quick. I heard Dad go into the bathroom below my bedroom, and shower. I waited a few minutes and got up, tucking my semi into my briefs, and going down to use his bathroom. As I walked by his bed, I could see cum stains on the sheets, and sweat marks where his head and butt were. I felt a twitch in my dick at the site, and went in to his bathroom. I quickly showered and walked out, to find my Dad sitting on the edge of his bed, with a towel draped across his lap. he was on his phone, as he looked up. "Oh hey Sam, how'd you sleep?" "Pretty good, and you?" "Man, I feel great." I smirked, and walked by. I never said anything, and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and just having fun with my Dad.

I've tried a few of the things I saw him do, but they're just not for me. It's amazing how as men, we have different ways of pleasing ourselves, but in the end, that rush just before cumming and the feeling of exploding your jizz all over, is the same for every man.



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