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Secret Revenge

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I was hanging with a good buddy of mine while his wife was out of town for business...we were watching an NBA game when she called from the hotel. I listened while the two of them got into a huge argument because he was certain she had someone in the hotel room with her. Somewhat embarrassed to sit and listen to them, I went to the bathroom to give him some privacy. After taking a leak, I noticed a fresh pair of his wifes panties on the floor. I picked them up and gave them a sniff...immediately I was hard so I started to jerk off fantasizing that I was fucking his wife...I was really getting into it standing at the sink, when I heard my friend hang up the phone and walk over near the door to the bathroom...

He proceeded to confide in me through the door that he thought his wife was cheating on him as we spoke. He finished his story (and had sort of ruined the mood for me) so I told him he should get her back somehow...I then began to fantasize about him watching me jerk off (I had never thought about this kind of thing before, but I am kinda liberal so I went with it)...I heard him walk away from the door and I leaned over and opened the door just a crack. I could now see he had his back turned to me in the mirror. Leaving his wife's panties on the counter in front of me, I began to watch for him to turn and peek at me through the cracked open door...finally I saw he was trying to discreetly spy on me. Pretending not to notice, I picked up his wifes panties and began sucking on the crotch...I could taste the saltiness of her pussy and really got myself turned on...

I had totally forgotten that my friend was even watching me stroke myself and then I saw he had pulled his own cock out and was slowly stepping closer to the doorway to get a better view of me masterbating and sucking on his wife's panties. I had always been a little curious to see what it was like to jerk off with another guy so I stopped mid-stroke stuffed my cock away, dropped his wife's panties and threw the door open...I had successfully surprised my buddy with his dick in his hand. He was totally caught off guard and embarrassed to be jerking off right outside the bathroom door...but there was no way to cover up what he was doing. I told him this was his opportunity for revenge and asked if it was cool if I jerked him off. He said sure because he had always been curious too. We walked back to the couch and stripped to our boxers and began to beat off next to each other.

After watching his rythym and hand position for a few minutes, I felt bold enough to grab his cock. He let me hold his penis and I spat twice in my hand to lube up. I went to work on his cock with my right hand while massaging his balls with my left hand...he grabbed my cock with his left hand and attempted to give me a hand job but it was obvious that I was bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm with each pump as he couldn't focus on my cock. I brushed his hand away so he could fully focus on enjoying himself. In less than a minute, his face contorted and he began a low moaning sound as gobs of his cum shot out onto his leg and stomach. His whole body twitched as I slowly finished stroking his cock. He opened his eyes took a huge deep breath muttering a breathless thank you and dropped to his knees before me on the floor. Using his cum as lube he began to stroke my cock furiosly with both hands. He began talking to me in almost a whisper so I had to strain to hear him.

He asked me if I wanted to fuck his wife...if I could still taste her from sucking on her panties... and talked to me about how I was fucking her right now in her hotel room. It felt so good all I could do was moan yes over and over again...especially since I could still taste her pussy from sucking on her panties. I tried to last as long as I could but in no time I was cumming. My load shot up onto his shoulder and chest and even sprayed onto his chin. We both laughed at how much cum I had just shot all over him. We cleaned up and got dressed again just in time for the end of the game we were watching. As I headed home, he told me his wife will be traveling again in a month and said we should hang out again then. I totally agreed! I have jerked off at least once a day for the past 2 weeks remembering this nite...and I only have 2 weeks left again until she goes away again. Neither of us can wait!



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