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Second Time, No Doubt!

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I found this site hoping to ask a question. I know it's wrong but I gotta know?


A couple of weeks ago when I came home from football practice, as I usually do, I parked my truck on the street in front of the house and went to the back door to avoid dragging the world's dirt in to the house on to the living room carpet, as Mom puts it. When I walked through the door I found Mom on her hands and knees, picking up a zucchini� she says dropped� while making a salad for our dinner. My Mom is a pretty sexy lady, as far as I'm concerned. She keeps in pretty good shape playing tennis with my Aunt three times a week. And I'd swear as she was standing up that she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. Nah, couldn't have been. Now I come home every day except game night at the same time 7:00. Last night no different, but as I walk by the kitchen window I happened look in and see Mom sitting on one of the kitchen chairs with, you guessed it, a zucchini running it across her pussy. I stop dead in my track and watch, first I notice wow, my Mom shaves her pussy all but a little patch and then I notice she's really wet! Damn, I was as hard as I ever been in my life! A minute or two goes by and she suddenly drops down on the floor on her hands and knees reaches back behind her and pushes the zucchini into her pussy. Now by this time I'm rubbing my cock through my gym shorts pretty fierce. Then the damn phone rings. Mom looks up and I think she saw me in the window, but I backed off really quick, ran to my truck drove around the block and returned home like I'd never been there hoping she hadn't seen me. When I walk back in I notice it's like 7:45, Mom's all chipper but a little flushed in the face. I get my usual kiss on the check take my pack up to my room and come back down for dinner. At dinner, no salad, no zucchini, LOL! The usual chit chat and then she hits me with, anything exciting today?� Big swallow, ah NO! I drop my fork on the floor look up while reaching down to pick it up and sure enough, pussy and no panties! So now I'm hard enough to drive nails with my dick. I barely finish dinner, excuse myself with, mom big game tomorrow hit the sack early! Mom says tomorrow is Thursday, your game isn't until Friday. Oh yeah, well I have a lot of homework and I'm beat I gotta get some rest. I know she had to have seen the bulge in my pants when I left the kitchen. I hustled to my room dropped my shorts and couldn't have given myself ten strokes and came a bucket load all over my chest, even hit my chin with a couple of shots. I gotta know, any mom's out there really tease their own boys? Is she doing this for me to see or am I just lucky?



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