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Second Date

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Alex and I went out for three weeks back in January, we ended up rubbing each other sexually, starting on the second date. But then I visited my brother in Duluth and she went off on a foreign exchange program for four months. When she came back we had a date a week later. I met her at the library and we talked a good deal, kissed a little, and played a lot of 'disc' catch. It was raining lightly so after an hour or so we went across the street to the Dairy Queen, ran into some friends and had a nice friendly talk over some chicken strips.

After that date it was nearly another week until our next one. Alex wanted to take it slow and reminded me often about that but then she offered to watch a movie at her house, no one was going to be home until 10:00pm and it was only 8:30, I had lots of little fantasies about what might happen but I knew nothing would come of it since she did want to have a real relationship and not a sex fest. She opened the door in a black muscle shirt and jeans, the shirt was having trouble covering her D size breasts. We kissed a little and she invited me in, going to the TV I saw a blanket on the floor and we selected a movie, 'Live Free or Die Hard'.

We put it on and we got under the blanket and we started to cuddle. Once the movie actually came on she was on top of me and there was some heavy kissing. I ran my hands up her back a few times before going beneath it and up to her bra. Once I touched her bra she sat up and smiled the kind of 'You really think I'm going to do that' smile, but to my surprise she took off her shirt and bra and went back down. I rolled her over sat up and took off my shirt and we continued dry humping and making out, taking time to go back to cuddling. She refused to let me into her pants and I wasn't surprised, as she did want to take it slower and this was actually pretty fast. But then I asked her 'do you mind if my pants were off?'

'No', I kept kissing but then she took off my pants for me! After I was just in my boxers I asked her about something she had promised before.

'So, when am I going to get that lesson on how to finger a girl better?'

'Later, if I give you that lesson would you teach me how to give a better hand job?'

'You're pretty good already Alex.'

'Well yeah but it could always be better.'

'Well fine, but only when you give me my lesson.'

'As long as I get my lesson too.' We cuddled some more until she tried to start making out again and I refused, 'Are you not going to kiss me until I take off my pants?' I actually wasn't doing that but wanting her to take them off I said,


'Fine.' and off her pants came. She was wearing white panties with a red waistband. 'Now stay out of my panties.'

'Of course, of course.' And we continued dry humping and making out.

'Am I good at this?' She asked while she was on top.

'Well a little gentler and try a different angle. You're ramming my balls up my butt.' She did so and was good, I turned her over and took my turn on top and automatically said, 'I'm a little high.'

'Yeah you're in my belly button.' I moved down and watched her eyes close and her mouth slowly open as I arched my back to be able to suck on her breasts. We heard her phone go off, she had her brother text her when people were coming home, he was saying that they were within an hour or two of leaving the party. The scare that they may be coming home now cooled her off a lot more than it did me. We cuddled for a little more until I decided to take off my boxers. She put her hands over her face.

'Are you not going to let go until I put my boxers back on?'

'No, but I might ask soon.' I started kissing her again and then I played around with her panties, teasing her. 'I want to James but I can't, we need to take it slow.'

'I'm staying out.'

'Well ...' she reached up with one hand keeping the other over her face, grabbed my penis and started stroking. 'Is it good?'

'Well you're only on the head, I got a whole penis, use it.' She did, she then started to kind of go off to one side then the other and all around with it. 'You're going all over the place.'

'Well I can't see!' she said, she paused for a second then took her hand away from her face and looked down and started stroking me harder, completely naked I leaned back and enjoyed, giving her advice on how to make it better all the time. After about 10 minutes of this I leaned down.

'Let me do something back to you.' I said as I reached for her breasts.

'Keep your hands there and you can do stuff with them'

'Okay,' I leant back and kept playing with her breasts and after a few more minutes I told her 'I'm gonna blow soon' She starts stroking harder 'I'm about to cum!' She stroked faster and I blew my load all over, onto the carpet, between her breasts, all over. She leant up to try and make out some more but I said 'We should really clean this up.'

'Fine,' she says as she smiles and goes to the kitchen to get some paper towels. We clean up and clean each other up before going back to cuddling, we ended the evening half an hour later by singing songs while she played the guitar, and I was forced out in 10 seconds with the garage door opening. Good second date, good second date.



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