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School Trip

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The stories on this site always awaken memories of early masturbation.


Our school planned a trip for us to the Washington area for the purpose of aquainting us with its many historical sites. I was not happy about going in that my mother had arranged for me to room with Brian who was 15. I was 13, and this was the first time I would be away from home without the supervision of either of my parents. I feared he would interfere with my routine masturbation. Being older, he was intended to be a stabilizing influence on me. I need not have worried as it turned out. There were chaperones on the trip, but once we were in our hotel rooms we were on our own.

I didn't realize that he had the same worry. Naturally being two years older than I was, he was more developed. Among his more advanced attributes was a little facial hair which he unnecessarily shaved every morning. He did this in the bathroom standing completely nude with his uncircumcised penis fully exposed. He was proud of its appearence, made a show of pulling his foreskin back to pee, and wiping its head with toilet paper afterward. When I saw this for the first time, I was surprised, but later learned from him that the purpose was to see if I would react favorably to jacking off together.

We both began to strip naked when we were alone in our room, and began to feel relaxed around one another. He had a lot of pubic hair and a penis about six inches long. I had just the beginnings of pubic hair and just a little darkening of the fuzz on my upper lip, but my penis was just as long as his and perpetually hard. Noticing that I was hard one evening just before we got in bed, he asked point blank if I jacked off. I admitted that I did. Then he asked if I had done it since we left home. I said no. He came over to my bed, sat next to me, and said, 'Let's jack off together.' I agreed, and began pumping away.

He did the same, and I noticed that although his pecker was hard, the head was still covered, and asked him if it was always covered if he didn't skin it back. He said it was. We jacked away sitting next to one another for about five minutes or so when he pulled down on his shaft with his left hand and kept jacking with his right. Being circumcised, I had no prior experience with jacking an uncut peter. This was a new and exciting experience for me. It wasn't the first mutual masturbation for either of us. After the first session, we got back to our usual jacking and must have jacked off 50 times in the week we spent on the trip.



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