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School Friends Help Each Other Out

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I went to an all boys school from aged 11 to 17 and once puberty arrived we were always horny...and still are I guess. We always joked and talked about girls but for many of us the only fun we had was amongst ourselves. I had never had any sexual contact with a girl but had on a few occasions wanked off with a close friend watching porn.

We used to have a class swimming lesson every week in a public baths just a few hundred yards away and the teacher told us that we had to share one changing cubicle between two of us so that some cubicles were available for other customers but we always seemed to have the facilities to ourselves as the lesson was mid-morning.

We just shared a cubicle with whoever we were chatting to at the time. One week I shared with a friend called Jimmy, after the lesson when we were in the communal showers one of the guys was talking about some porn he had watched the night before and it was obvious he had a boner in his trunks, he laughed and said he was going to the toilets as he needed to wank off.

We all went to get changed and Jimmy and I started talking about wanking off and how often we did and we both said maybe twice a day. We took our trunks off and were drying ourselves, we both put our shirts on, Jimmy's dick was getting hard and he said sorry but all the talking had made him horny. I was a bit horny too and told him that I was desperately trying to stay soft but he just laughed and said he didn't mind and he really needed to cum before we went back to school. I asked if he was going to go to the toilet block and he said he that in the past he had waited till the guy he was sharing with had left the cubicle and then he wanked off onto his trunks. By now I was hard too and Jimmy said he was ok if we both wanted to wank off now, I said was okay with that too. The cubicle wasn't particularly big so we stood practically side by side and wanked ourselves off, we both came quite quickly and afterwards we finished getting dressed and rinsed our trunks in the sinks to wash away the cum.

The next week Jimmy asked if I wanted to share with him again and I said sure I did. After the lesson we went back to the cubicle and took our trunks off and started to dry ourselves. Jimmy asked if I was horny and I said always horny and he said good as he was, we were both naked and quickly really hard, his dick was a bit longer but a bit thinner than mine and unlike me he had pubic hairs along most of his shaft. We were both a lot more relaxed than last week and were standing almost facing each other as we stroked our dicks. Jimmy asked me if I had shaved the hairs off my shaft and I said no I had never had any there and that his was the first dick I had seen that hairy and I laughed and said what did it feel like. Jimmy moved his hand and said I could find out for myself if I wanted so I said okay and we both started to wank each other. Jimmy told me he was going to cum right away and I held his dick as he shot into his trunks, I was also ready and a few seconds later he returned the favour.

During the week we never really mentioned it and we were both just friends in the wider group. The next swimming lesson Jimmy and I shared a cubicle again, he quickly got undressed and put his things into his bag and before he put his trunks on he started playing with his dick and said did I fancy a wank before the lesson as he was horny and didn't want a boner in his trunks. I was now naked and had intended putting my trunks on and going for a shower but Jimmy reached out and held my dick which immediately responded, he laughed and said I had no choice now as I couldn't go into the pool like that. I laughed and held his dick, the teacher called for everyone to get into the pool so Jimmy said we had better hurry up and he was going to shoot his cum into the drain hole in the floor so we both wanked ourselves off to see who could hit the drain. I was pretty accurate but Jimmy's cum landed on the tiled area and he just laughed and said we had better use a different cubicle after swimming.

When we went to change Jimmy left the shower a few seconds before me, I was still horny and hoped he was, when I went into the cubicle he had just taken his trunks off and was still sitting on the small bench with his dick rock hard. I immediately held it and gave it a playful wank and he reached out and felt mine over my trunks, I was already nearly hard and he helped me pull my trunks off.

Jimmy said we could try wanking each other off sitting on the bench and stretching out so I said ok and sat next to him, it wasn't particularly comfortable but it was okay and we both cummed although mine was a bit watery, Jimmy's was still quite thick and he said he could cum three times in a day without it it getting watery.

We never did more than mutual wanking and I don't think either of us wanted to, most weeks that term we shared a cubicle and would wank each other but usually only after the lesson. On one lesson the teacher said at the beginning we all had to change and get into the pool as quickly as possible as the pool was needed for a swimming exam, I remember Jimmy telling me he was still going to have a wank first and could I tell the teacher he needed the toilet.

Due to budget cuts swimming lessons were stopped, Jimmy and I remained friends in the same group but never had any more wanking sessions as we didn't live near each other and didn't socialise out of school.

Within a year or so I became more interested in girls and since leaving school have never had any man to man experiences although I must admit I really enjoyed them at the time.



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