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School Day Off

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First off, I love the site and have been going to it for more than I can remember. Just to give you a little background I am a current junior in college and pretty shy person when it comes to anything about sex. But for the longest time I've been looking at stories in Solo Touch hoping that one day something like these stories would happen to me . . . and it did. Completely caught me off guard as I'm sure it does most people.

About two weeks ago, I was at my friend's townhouse which he shares with his father since his parents are divorced. It is the usual hangout for about five of our closest friends so we all have keys and it is no big deal when we are there by ourselves. I had skipped my classes that day and decided to just go and hangout just to relax and get caught up on my chill time since I felt I had been overworking myself lately. As I get to the townhouse I see there is nobody there so I decided to go to the master bedroom to take a nap because his dad's bed is definitely the most comfortable in the house.

Well, when I wake up I hear something coming from the living room. I went to go to see what it was and it was my friend's dad watching T.V. He is 45 and looks pretty young for his age and is pretty cool with all of us coming over whenever. Well, I had made some noise when I was waking up and when I was walking over to him so I guess he realized someone was in the house and obviously also coming up behind him because the next thing I now he is trying to fix his pants. I hadn't realized it until I had gotten closer that the T.V. was on an adult movie. I hadn't realized it because it was one of those with a storyline and nothing too hot had happened yet. He must have thought he also covered up in time for me not to see because he acted as if nothing happened. As if I was clueless to what he was doing.

I was so embarrassed yet excited. If you know me you would know it was very out of character for me to ask what I did. 'Do you mind if I watch?' He had no objection so I sat down on their couch as we watched. It was just now getting to the part where everything comes off. I was hoping something was going to happen and was just getting hard at the thought of me and his dad watching porn together. I had started rubbing my crotch seeing if to catch his dad's attention. Then, I had put my hands down my pants to start working on myself a little better. This obviously caught his attention as he too was rubbing his groin.

Thinking to myself that there is no turning back now, I took my pants off and kept working on my shaft slowly. It was only a few minutes until his dad came over to me and asked, 'Do you need any help with that.' 'Sure.' He came over and knelt in front of me as he grabbed my cock in his hands. His touch felt so good. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I had just gone over to take a nap and instead I get to have fun with my friend's dad. I decided to undress him to even the playing field as he then sat next to me. We were just there going up and down on each other's shaft. I thought I was about to come when he then decided to stop and work on my ass. He slowly inserted a finger into my ass while his other hand played with my nuts. This was such an awesome feeling. Strange because it was the first time that anything has gone up my ass. I always saw it as an 'exit only.' I felt like I was about to come again and he wasn't even touching my cock. A minute after his finger was out of me and he started working on my cock again I came. I shot so far that I hit the T.V. I later noticed that I had also shot him in the face. It was so hot seeing my jizz on my friend's dad's face.

Well, of course I had to return the favor. I played with his asshole for a little not knowing what I was doing. Then I noticed I was doing something right as his breathing got harder. So I then started to work on his shaft as to not want to finish him without grabbing his rock hard cock. 'Faster, faster, faster.' I'm not one to disagree with my elders so I did. Faster and faster my hand went up and down. I thought he was going to come for the longest time and then finally he shot his load. This ended up landing all on my face and chest.

We then just sat there. I think we were both in shock of what had just happened. Looking at the clock I then realized we need to clean up because it was less than an hour until his son would get home. I cleaned up the living room from my mess while his dad got our shower ready . . .



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