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Scenes from an Adult Theater

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A few years ago I had an opportunity to fly to Brazil for work. Once I landed (in a southern town), I had to rent a hotel room in a pretty shady part of town since the conference I was attending had filled up all the good hotels. On my way to and from the conference location every day, I had to walk by an adult theater. One of the conference days, I had a little extra time to kill, so I decided against my better judgement that I ought to go in and watch a movie.

Once inside I was happy to see that they were showing straight porn, since I had heard so many stories about Brazilian transvestites, and I'm not into that kind of thing. I stood just beyond the curtain at the entrance to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. On the screen there was a normal looking guy and a kind of plump girl in a park somewhere, flirting and about to start making out. She had that sexiness that average-looking girls often have, a look on their face that tells you they're eager to please. I was nervous, but I could tell this movie was worth watching for a little while.

A few minutes later I could see a little better in the dark and I started looking around. Standing right next to me were two other guys about my age. The theater was quite big, and peppered throughout the long rows you could make out the silhouettes of 10 or 15 guys, some of them just looking around, some of them obviously jerking their cocks. Some guys made a reasonable attempt to hide what they were doing, but most just sat back and wanked on their dicks as if nobody was looking. The openness of it all really turned me on, and I could feel my cock growing against my leg.

The girl on the screen started unzipping the guy's fly as he squeezed her fat-girl tits through her blouse. His dick was predictably large, this being a porn movie, and the girl could barely get her hand around the shaft. The camera angle caught a bit of her panties between a pair of plump brown Brazilian thighs under a white miniskirt. It would only be a few minutes before those panties would be laying on the grass, her pudgy little cocoa-pink pussy stretched to the max.

I decided to take a walk down the center aisle to find a place to sit, trying to ignore the thought of how much dried jizz must be stuck to the seats. I tried not to be obvious about it, keeping my head forward as I looked sideways to sneak a peek at one of the theatergoers manhandling his dick. Some of the guys covered up as I walked by, but others looked my way as if to invite me to sit next to them. In the low light it was hard to see much, but I was impressed by a 50-something guy wagging his 7-incher from the base, showing off. In some of the rows guys sat next to each other, rubbing each other off.

I found a seat a few rows ahead, almost to the front of the house, from where I could see a long-haired guy a few years younger than me pumping away at his meat under some kind of cloth, like a jacket.

I hadn't been this turned on in years, looking around to see what guys were doing, but trying not to appear like I wanted company. I mean, I like to look at hard dicks and beat off with another guy once in a while, but I don't need some freak to come over and get his juice on my jeans.

I watched the movie for a few minutes, stroking the underside of my cock through my pants, building up my nerve. Eventually I just said fuck it and loosened my fly. Everyone else was doing it, after all! I held my cock in my right hand and weighed it for a while, worried that I was so turned on I might just spurt right away. It was a real high just to be able to whip out my meat in public with a bunch of other dudes, watching some pussy porn.

A guy to my right across the aisle was joined by some other guy, and they started jacking each other as if they had been through the routine before. A guy in front of me and over a few seats looked back to see what I was doing, but I looked ahead at the screen to keep him from coming over.

The girl in the movie was getting fucked pretty good by now. Bent over a park bench with the guy holding her by her pigtails, she obeyed his order to suck her thumb while he stuffed her twat from behind. His huge cock plowed her hairy little brown cunt and she made little squeaking noises, looking at the camera as she sucked her thumb. By this time, I had given up on trying to hide it, and was stroking my boner with abandon, right out in the open.

I could see a 30-something man to my right looking back to watch the other dudes, myself included. Eventually he got up and started looking for a jackoff buddy. When he came to my row, I didn't look up at him, but I didn't stop beating off either, kind of hoping he would get the hint that I'm not gay but that I wouldn't mind a little anonymous pud-pulling session.

He sat down a couple of seats over and looked down at my dick. At this point, I had to slow my stroking way down to keep from blowing my wad. Right away he got his own big cock out of his pants and squeezed it way down by the base to make it look big. I stared at that cock, my heart beating really hard from being so turned on in the darkness. All I could do was to shake my dick around for him to see, afraid to resume jacking quite yet. As I watched, he pulled his pants down to free his big hairy balls, and started to rub them as he stroked. We sat together for a good ten minutes, edging and staring at each other's hardons.

At some point, I was too afraid that I'd blow my load, and decided to get out. I had to step over my jacking buddy, who was still busy with his swollen dick.

On my way out of the theater, I saw a couple of guys crowded around what must have been the bathroom, and I decided to check it out. I walked in and there was a guy about my age, kind of conservatively dressed, standing with his back to me at the urinal trough. In one of the stalls with the door open, another 20-something guy stroked his dick and stared at me. I took a place next to the guy at the urinal and unzipped. I looked down to see the guy's modest, uncut boner as he stroked it in a sideways fashion. After taking a piss, I started stroking my own circumsized rod and we stared at each other's hardons for a couple of minutes, mesmerized.

An employee of the theater came in to kick us out, but he was obviously just going through the motions, not really worried about enforcing the rules. He left and we all went back to stroking our dicks. My buddy at the urinal was really getting into showing off, pulling his loose foreskin back and pushing his thick member from the bottom to make it look as long as possible. I followed suit, and we had a kind of silent contest to see who was longest.

I was feeling pretty bold and the guy's dick had me fascinated, so I reached over slowly to see if he'd let me touch it. I was thrilled to see him swing his veiny cock closer to my hand, as our breathing got even heavier. But the very second my fingers made contact with his dick, he lunged forward to the urinal and shot a big splooge. Seeing him cum made me do the same right away, leaving a big squirt of white stuff in the trough. We both zipped up and walked out.



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