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Saved by a Sock

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Never thought of a gym sock as saving the day, but it did.


I had a girlfriend, Teresa, in college who liked to give (and I liked to receive) hand jobs. We would have regular sex, but she would often just grab my crotch, unbutton my pants, pull down my boxers, and start pumping. She would sometimes pull my penis over her breasts and let me cum right on her nipples. She said she loved to feel the heat.

Anyway, on this particular day, we were going to the airport, as I was flying home for winter break to Florida. I drove my car, and Teresa would drive it back to campus. On the 30 minute trip, Teresa was rubbing my shoulders and rubbing my pants leg and I ws getting quite a hard-on. I told her to stop, but she kept on going.

Teresa finally unbuttoned me - I was still trying to drive and concentrate - and put her hand down my pants. She was trying to jerk me off, but my positioning was't good.

We made it into the terminal parking and I purposely picked a distant spot and hoped Teresa would finish me off. We stopped; I pulled down my pants (careful to make sure nobody was around), and Teresa began pumping hard. It didn't take long before I was nearing orgasm.

I then thought about where the cum was going to go. I had no kleenex or anything to catch it. Teresa stopped pumping and said, 'Guess we'll have to wait - I don't want you to go on the plane wet.'

I looked around to no avail. I thought about just opening my door and jerking myself off into the blacktop, but knowing my luck someone would see.

I then remembered - my sock. I'd sometimes jerked myself off in a sock during summer camp when I didn't want anyone else to know. I would go into my sleeping bag and put a sock over my dick and jerk away.

I quickly took off my sock and placed it over my penis.

Teresa laughed, and said, 'not too safe as a rubber, but guess it will work for our needs.' She pumped away and I quickly came right into the thick sock. No mess! I then put the sock under my seat and waited for my erection to subside and went on into the terminal.

I had to laugh when I got on the plane and tried tp cross my legs - one sock on and one sock off!



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