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Satisfied My Curiosity

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I've been a masturbator since my earliest memories almost. I have a great sex life with my wife too. Having jacked off for so many years admiring the hardness of my shaft I started wondering what it would be like to jack off another guy. My curiosity really peeked. I just had to do something about it. My dilemma was how on earth does one meet another guy with the same feeling? I wanted to find a guy like myself; a guy who is married and has a lot to lose too, someone safe and clean and regular in every way.

One night while travelling on business I had dinner and some refreshments at the hotel. While there I struck up a conversation with a fellow sitting beside me. He was there on business too. We talked about families and he was married with three kids. We became very comfortable in our conversation and eventually the talk turned sexual. He said he really got horny on the road at times but he didn't dare try and pick up women or anything, nor do I. I told him I didn't either and in a truthful statement I told him I just spent hours in my room beating off to take the edge off. He said he did too. He said, in fact, he was due to probably do that this very night! It was said as a joke and we both laughed.

I guess I ventured a bit far but thought what the heck. I asked him if he had ever jacked off with another guy, or had ever thought about it. He said he had never done it before, but truthfully, he said, he had thought about it before. I got my courage up and said 'since we are both going to do it tonight anyway, would you consider doing it together ... a first time for both of us?'

He paused a long couple of seconds then said ...'sure! I'm game for that!' We quickly paid our tab and we went to the elevator. I was both highly nervous but excited at the same time. I was actually starting to get hard in the elevator.

We went to my room and talked a bit nervously. My dick was hard in anticipation so I laid my hand on my bulge and started feeling myself. He did too. We talked about how we loved jacking off, how we loved jacking in front of our wives, etc. We had many of the same masturbation feelings. He said 'looks like you have quite a nice size going on there ... and I nervously said 'you look like you do too ...' and I unzipped and dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and I sat back down. My dick was throbbing hard. He stood and let his pants and underwear fall and he sat back down. We were both sitting side by side on the edge of the bed.

We sat there staring at each others dicks as we slowly jacked together. His was about the same six and a half inches to seven inches as mine. Without even asking he reached over and took my throbbing hard cock in his hand and felt me. It felt awesome having someone else holding it and feeling it. I reached over and took his in my hand and for the first time in my life I was holding another guy's naked throbbing hard dick.

It was awkward jacking each other side by side because our arms kept bumping each other, so I suggested we just do each other in turn. He said OK, so I kneeled between his legs and took his super hard dick in my hand and started jacking it. I've had my own in my hand a million times but it was different to feel someone elses. I studied his balls and dick closely as I jacked him. He leaned back on the bed on his elbows and watched as I jacked him slowly up and down.

He said 'wow this feels good ...' in about five minutes he said he was about ready to cum and I started giving him more dedicated strokes and he kind of grunted and tensed and cum started shooting all over his stomach as he pulled his shirt up and out of the way in front.

I got up and grabbed a washcloth and he cleaned up then it was my turn. I leaned back on my elbows as he positioned himself and slowly jacked me off. He told me my dick felt really nice and hard and stuff like that. I don't think I lasted more than three minutes. It felt so darn good and I was so excited by this new and different experience. I blew loads of cum all over my stomach.

I cleaned up and we dressed and shook hands good-bye at the door. All in all it was a good experience. I would definitely do it again if I could ever find another guy like him.



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