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Satin and Silk

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Having read the story titled 'My Wardrobe', I recalled fond memories of early adolescence. As a young man I always had a curiosity about women's lingerie and how it would feel if a man would wear it. I can remember watching my mother dress herself and admiring the satiny finish of her undergarments. Her nylons were always a fascination. I can remember a strong desire to put on her lingerie to see what it would really feel like.

Most of this started around puberty and was something that I focused my attention on when I could touch my mother's things. My mother was a stay at home mom and was rarely out of the house so I had little opportunity to pursue this 'fetish' of mine. At about age twelve or so, my parents were going to have a night out with friends. I was going to be left in charge of my younger brother and sister. My parents left instructions for them to be in bed by 8:30 and that I could sleep on the couch until they came home. My parents were trusting me to go a good job as this was their first time to allow me to babysit. Needless to say, I was excited to have the responsibility, but also have access for the first time, to my mother's lingerie. My parents left and soon the magic hour arrived and my sister and brother got into bed. I waited for some time to expire, checking on them to see if they were asleep. Yes, they were both sleeping and I was left up to my own devices.

I went into my parents bedroom and having watched my mother in the past knew where her under garments were placed and I started to search her drawers. My first item that I wanted to touch and see how it felt was her panties. I nervously opened her panties drawer and there folded up neatly were her underwear. Nothing extra sexy but satiny and soft to the touch. I slowly would hold up one pair after another until I found some that felt so 'silky' to me. I remember that I took off my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. I tried to emulate how my mother dressed herself. I remember pointing my toes into the leg hole and sliding the garment up my leg aways. Then the other leg and now pulled them up to my waist. Oh my land! How they felt was just wonderful. I started to grow and get hard. I actually was not sure what to do. Finally I pointed myself up to the elastic waste band. The soft and silky fabric felt so good to me. I was now ready for the next item. I wanted to put on nylons so bad. I knew that my mother wore a garter belt so I looked through her other drawers. I found her girdle drawer and there among them was the object of my search. I got it out and pulled it over my legs and up around my waist. Now for the nylons. My mother had sort of a storage with pockets hanging from the back of the closet door. In the pockets were nylons neatly tucked, one by one, in each pocket. I remember examining pair after pair until I found a pair that were not quite so opaque. They were a lighter shade of black and these had to be the ones I had to wear. I can remember what mom had done when she put them on so I tried to follow how she did this. I can remember that I had to roll them down so they were gathered at the foot of the nylon. I, again, pointed my toes and slowly inserted my foot and started to pull them up my leg. What a sensation. I was starting to feel myself getting wet and the vibrations starting to build in between my legs. I can remember just shaking as I fastened the top to the garter belt. Then I repeated the same thing with the other nylon. I was shaking and breathing hard. My genitels were aching and I was leaking in my mom's panties. At this point there was no turning back. I now looked for the next item of her's, a bra. I selected one from her drawer and put it around my middle and fastened the hooks as I had the back in front of me. I turned it around and slide my arms through the straps. I need something to fill out the cups so I took some of my socks and filled them out. At this point, I was euphoric and was cumming in the panties. I couldn't help it, I was young and not sure how to control the building up inside of me. How I wanted to do more, so I searched the dresser for a slip. I found a half slip that came down to about my mid calf. I remember stepping into it and sliding it up to my waist. For the first time I was now experiencing the smooth touching to the slip material against the nylons and the panties. I remember walking around the house and looking in the mirror. The sensation was beyond what I had even imagined. I sat on the couch and stretched my legs out on the cushions. Again that sensation of the satiny material against the nylons was more than I could bear. I was wet as I had precum just flowing at this point. I knew that masterbation was necessary to relieve the ache in my pelvis. I can remember pulling the crotch of the panties aside and working myself out of the leg hole. I was hard as a hammer. I put my hand around myself and closed my eyes and just slid my hand up and down on my cock. My breathing was just as fast as I could just about accomodate. I worked my cock, stroking it faster and harder and I could feel the sensation growing in my balls. They started to suck up tight in my scrotum. I held on for a short while and then just exploded. I had just experienced the most magnificent eruption I had ever had. Cum was on my hand, and on the wood floor. I had missed the nylons, thankfully. I laid there for awhile and then got myself up and went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I had managed to miss messing the slip and the nylons. The panties were a wet mess. I didn't care! It was so gratifying to finally experience what I had dreamt about for several months. I placed the nylons back in the pocket where they came from, removed the slip, bra and garter belt. I still had on the panties, soiled as they were. I had one final item to try. I wanted to put on one of my mom's silky neglige. I went into the closet and selected one from it's hanger and slipped it down over my head. I had to experience what it felt like in bed so went into my room and climbed in bed. The silky garment was sliding around on my sheets. I just experienced the satiny panties slid around on the nightie and the neglige felt so soft and silky on my legs. My erection was back and with little effort I pulled up the garment and slid the elastic waist band down on the underwear. I removed the panties and my erection stood up. My heart was beating so fast and I had to relieve myself again. I moved my hand onto my cock and my balls were up tight in my scrotum again. I was wet with precum and using it as lube, I ran my hand up and down. Slowly at first and then gained speed as I felt the vibrations started in my pelvis. I was going to erupt again and it felt even more intense this time. I had slid down on the night gown and was basically hanging off the edge of the bed. I could feel it build from deep in my abdomen and then just burst out on the floor. I came for several seconds, which felt like minutes.

Weak legged, I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. The panties were soaked and I had to hide them for later reference. I put the night gown back and went out, got dressed and laid down on the couch. I was exhausted. I fell asleep and had that yummy feeling for a long time afterwards. I have never tried this again until the other night when I read 'My Wardrobe'. I couldn't help myself and went in and got out a pair of my wife's panties and slid them on. Oh, yes that old feeling was still there. I know that I will be making a trip to the clothing store for a new 'wardrobe' for myself. I have held these feelings for a long time and am glad to have them surface again.



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