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Sarah Caught Me

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Guess I messed it up.


So, from last time, after I heard Sarah rub herself off in the bathroom at school and used my name when she came, I decided that I wanted to explore the wilder fantasies I have when I jill off. I do sometimes think about being with another girl, but it's not just kissing and touching, sometimes I imagine the other girl doing something really disgusting like peeing on me or something. Anyway, of course Sarah wanted to talk to me about how and why I made myself cum in Latin class. I told her that I felt horny all of the time and she said that it settles down after a while. She also told me that probably, my labia weren't that swollen it was just that my clit was hyper that day. Of course, I couldn't tell her that I had listened to her jilling off in the bathroom, so I asked her what she thinks about when she does it.

She told me that usually, it's about getting fucked. I asked her if she had any particularly dirty fantasies. She colored up and said that she thinks about being fucked in the ass, and sometimes even about having sex with her brother. I said that I sometimes think about having sex with another girl. Sarah seemed ok with it but didn't comment. After about an hour, the only thing that had happened was we had explained our fantasies in detail...(hers even included getting raped, and doing her dad as well as her brother. She says its only because its forbidden that makes it sexy and she would never do it for real) and this of course had me really worked up. I didn't think the time was right to make a move on her so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. While in there, I rummaged about in her laundry basket and found what could have been the same pair of panties that she wore that day I saw her in school. These too were blue and very very wet.

In no time I was just standing there, my hand jammed into my panties and jilling like fuck while I smelled and licked her panties. I was lost in my imminent orgasm, so I didn't notice that she was there watching. (Apparently she can open the bathroom door lock from the outside. I nearly died of embarrassment. I stopped, of course and went into this long rambling apology. Sarah looked disgusted with me but told me to finish. I didn't need much urging as I was real close when she walked in. As I got almost to the point, I felt Sarah standing near me whispering to me. 'You dirty bitch.. you fucking little slut...' really dirty stuff and each time, she slapped my ass. All it did of course was to REALLY get me going. I cummed hard very hard and even jammed the used crotch of her panties up tight against my pussy as I came.

Sarah said that she loved watching me, and sometime soon, would like to explore with me. (I can't wait) for now though, she wanted me to just watch her cum. She sat on the toilet and opened her legs and proceeded to rub off through her panties. I desperately wanted to help, but she told me that she wanted to show me what she sometimes did when she jills. It was so horny watching her panties get darker as she got close. Then I saw the unmistakable look of pain on her face and her breath coming on short gasps. She screwed up her face and said 'Talk to me Clare... call me names' I knelt between her open legs and really went for it calling her stuff like 'You disgusting little pig.. you fucking whore...(she liked that, so I got dirtier).. you fucking cunt slut.' Then it happened.. she cummed hard AND peed her panties at the same time! It was sooooo erotic.

Since that day, Sarah and I have done a lot together, but most of it isn't what this site is about. We have jilled each other off loads of times and in some unusual places too. Maybe I will write again. Still and all, this has got me really hot and I need to go take care of myself.



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