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Saber Stories - Part One

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Good site this is, great stories


A mate of mine whom I've been friends since well since we were born, anyway we were having drinks with a good female friend of ours.

After she had left to get more drinks from the bottle shop, as she was the most sober person out of us 3, he asked if I would show him my cock. I was a little taken back from this but its not something that he wouldn't say normally, but I said no anyway. He offered $20, then $50 I still declined. Then he said if he would show his first, if I wanted to see it, I had a moment to think and I said I dunno. we 'argue' about it for a few minutes when our friend 'Carla' comes back and hears us talking about it

She said that if we would flop our sabers out (as she calls them) and jack each other off, she would strip down nude and let us look her over.

Now this got us interested (and rock hard) as she is extremely hot, but the most she has shown anyone is her in short shorts and a top that bares her midrif.

We both agree, and my mate flops his out, and by gosh im stunned at what I see, its like a good handful of balls and the biggest cock I've seen outside of porn movies. I eventually start stroking the underside of his cock slowly with one finger and within a minute he blows his load, unfortunately for me, all over my arm

I get a tissue and clean up my arm. Im still sorta hard, and hesitate a lil bit but as a 'part of the agreement' I had to do my half so I unzip and almost instantly he grabs hold and starts jacking me off.

First instincts for me was to pull (sorry for pun) away, but I let him. It was kinda rough but somewhat exciting (it was probably the alcohol) but I eventually came, although only slightly.

To my surprise, my friend starts masturbating right infront of me and tells me to do so as well, so without hesitation I start masturbating. Carla had already taken her top off, so she kneels down infront of us and tell us to let go over her chest.

I'm the first one to come as I still had a bit of go in me, and I land directly in between her breasts.

my mate comes about 30 seconds later and lands near her neck and a bit on her chin.

She then grabs and drags me to my room (as we are at my place obviously) and shuts the door.....

more next story



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