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Rusty's Massage

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Guys Helping Guys = 'Helping Hands Club'.


To begin with I am a trained and certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. I have been friends with my buddy Dave and his family for many years.

One day he calls and tells me that his 19-year-old brother, Rusty, whom I've not seen for about two years is in town and to come over for dinner and visit with him. Rusty had been to my house before and knew that I had an extensive porn collection; but he was never allowed to watch it because of his age.

As I was preparing to leave their home after about three hours, Rusty asked if he could come and spend the night at my house. He said that his back was bothering him and I could work on it for him. Now Rusty is a poster boy. He is about 6'3' tall, light brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and he wears plaid flannel shirts, tight fitting jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

I always go around the house in my boxers so it was natural for me to go to my bedroom and slip out of my clothes when we got to my house. However, when I came back into the family room, there was Rusty all sprawled out on the couch in nothing but his tight briefs with perhaps the biggest bulge in front that I have ever seen. He looked up and smiled and said, 'Hope ya' don't mind; after all were're practically family.'

We watched about half an hour of tv when Rusty went over to my porn cabinet and came back with a gay dvd saying that he wanted to watch something 'different' for him, for a change. We'd watched about twenty minutes of the porn and these two guys doing all kinds of sex stuff to each other, when I looked over and saw that Rusty had a huge erection popping up and outside the top of his briefs.

About the same time, he asked if I was ready to work on his aching back. I asked if he'd rather go into my home office and get up on the professional massage table or use my bedroom which has a vibrating bed. He said that he'd like to try my bed and get worked on while it vibrated on him. His hard on was way obvious and he was now leaking pre cum as we went into my room; but I acted like I did not see a thing.

He laid down on his back on the sheet that I spread out over the comforter as I always do the feet first. As I was working on his feet I could look up and see his aching boner jumping and twitching to get out of his briefs. But still I kept quiet. I had him turn over onto his stomach as I did his neck, shoulders, and back. He just laid there and kind of moaned as I used warm vanilla scented oil and worked him over.

As I was finishing up on his back he said that if I didn't mind, he just as soon have a 'Full Body' Treatment. So I pulled down the back of his underwear and began running my oily hands all over his hips and buttocks. About that time he raised up and ask me to help him get the undies off and that they were too uncomfortable. No Problem, and off came the briefs and I continued to work my hands over his butt cheeks and into the crack sliding my hands in and out and up and down.

I did the legs kind of quick and as I was doing his inner thighs, my hands touched his ball sack a few times and he'd kind of moan.

Now it was time for Rusty to turn over and get his front done. I asked if he needed a towel to cover up with; but he surprised me, declined and just rolled on over on his back. That boy had the biggest Dick I've ever seen! It was about ten inches hard and over six inches round. It was a Monster. I tried to keep my professionalism and finished his legs, chest and stomach along with his arms and hands.

However, by the time I got to his abdomen, my hands were rubbing against that throbbing love muscle and it was making me about to blow a load in my boxers. I managed to do the abdomen and was getting up to go to the bathroom and 'take care of business' when he said that he wanted an 'Entire Full Body Massage' and that he meant everything.

Well, he was over eighteen; so I sat back down and grasped the base of his hard on and with the other began to lightly run my hand around the glans of the head. Then, I began to gently but firmly stroke it up and down and then with a twisting motion go up and down. I used the one hand to alternate from the base of his dick to his drawn up testicles and on to his G-spot.

All of a sudden, he let out a scream or maybe it was a loud moan as he bucked up and began to shoot load after load for about six to seven bucks and loads. Finally he calmed down and said that he was just too tired to go into the guest room and would it be ok if he just crashed in my room on the vibrating bed with me.

I warned him that I sleep nude but he did not care. I fixed the covers, actually just a sheet and we got into bed and I turned out the lights.



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