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Running on the Beach

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This is a true story, when I was 16 on holiday in Cornwall UK. I was then a county swimmer with a trim figure and with short boyish hair, which was practical for the swimming training once-a-day. In those days the swimsuits were of tight Lycra, and cut high on the thigh which meant it was practical to keep well shaved. I have very large and long nipples. Also my clitoris seems always to be pushing through my outer lips even when I was not aroused. When I was 15 I was very self-conscious of this but as I got older I enjoyed the boys and even the coaches looking at my nipples pushing through the fabric and I would often pull up the lower half of my swimsuit to give me a camel toe. This also had the effect that I could feel my clitoris rubbing on the fabric. However I'm digressing from the story I wanted to tell you.

Our family were on holiday in Cornwall, we had a bungalow right on the beach, even though I was swimming training in the sea in the mornings my father encouraged me to to go jogging before breakfast. This I love to do as it would get me out of the house as I had to share with my sister as in the morning I always felt sexy. I forgot to mention that I love to masturbate and at certain times of the month my mind will be constantly turned towards boys and even some girls that are in my swim team. I loved to tease myself and one of my favourite ways of doing this was to wear my training bottoms which have no elastic and were kept up by some of my dad braces. Over the time I adjusted the braces so the inner seam would rub and tease my clit when I was walking or jogging. I even cut holes in the braces to allow my nipples to be pushed through the holes. They look so erotic pushed through the elastic. I would then put on a loose T-shirt and jogging shoes and set off along the beach before my parents were up.

I remember I love the smell of the sea and the wind and I can feel my nipples getting hard. They were constrained by the elastic as they grew hard pushed against the t-shirt and I would feel that the seam would rub its magic against my bud!

The further I ran along the beach the cliffs got higher and so there really was only one way to enter or leave and you had to be careful not to be cut off by the tide. On that day the beach was deserted and eventually at the end of the beach there is a dead-end where the cliff meets the sea. I remember looking around and seeing no one. My run had made me feel so sexy and desperately need to masturbate.

I remember thinking do I dare take off all my clothes, I looked round again I saw no one in the distance. So I thought why not. I took my clothes off and put them on a rock under the cliff face. I felt so free and electric and hot. I looked down the beach again, no one in sight. I ran down to the seafront and sat down in the shallow water with my legs outstretched. I opened wider and when the first wave broke across my clitoris I nearly came! Wow, I could not wait for the next wave but it seemed to take forever. I did not want to touch my bud I wanted nature to do its work. It was so teasing waiting for the waves to come, I felt myself building up an orgasm like the waves, my bud was so hard and long and finally after the 10th wave breaking over me I came, I let out a sigh. It was then I heard a voice and a dog barking all sorts of things ran through my head and what happened next still turns me on 10 years later, but that's another story



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