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Room Mate

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I started college this fall and I have a great room-mate, his name is Steve. I got to the room on a Saturday morning and Steve was out. I began to move my stuff in and in about 30 minutes was finished. Like all guys I was wondering about privacy to jack-off. As I was moving in I noticed that on the bookshelf headboard Steve had a collection of interesting things: jelly lube, hand lotion, baby oil, coconut suntan oil, and a tube of strawberry lube. Each of these items were displayed in an orderly fashion, absolutely not hidden. This was encouraging to me that Steve was evidently a proud masturbator, as am I. I had brought some hand lotion which I normally used as lube, but I was intrigued by his lube collection. I took Steve's lead and put my hand lotion on the headboard.

After I got moved in I went and joined the other freshmen in the auditorium, where freshman orientation was being held. I found Steve, introduced myself, and shock his hand. We spent the rest of the day in meetings, and got to know each other a little. We ate lunch and dinner together and after dinner we went to the room and changed to go play tennis. Changing for tennis meant shedding our t-shirts, switching flip-flops for tennis shoes, and both of us pulled off our bb shorts and put on some underwear, Steve and I are both commando guys when it is hot. I am low rise brief guy, and to my surprise so is Steve, most guys are never out of their boxers, but I don't like the way they feel.

Around 8:00 p.m. we had played tennis to exhaustion and returned to the room. Steve stripped and plopped on his bed. I joined his state of nudity and in a few minutes we were both lying there, talking a blue streak, and both of us were playing with our dicks and balls and magically we both were hard. I told Steve that I was going to go take a shower and Steve said, 'Give me a minute and I will join you.' The shower was down the hall. Steve grabbed a towel, threw it over his shoulder, I joined his lead, and the both of us were walking down the hall dick flopping. We were both pretty hard, but not fully erect. We both showered and returned to the room, once again towel over our shoulders and dicks flopping.

Back in the room Steve asked, 'Have you ever been walked in on when you were jacking-off?' I was a little surprised and answered, 'My dad encouraged me to jack-off and to jack-off often, so I never really worried about being caught, but once my granddad walked in on me and my cousin and we were both jacking-off.' His only comment was, 'Glad to see that you two are enjoying yourselves your Uncle Bill and I used to jack-off all the time together.' He left the room and we both giggled and went right on jacking. I then asked, 'How about you?' Steve said, 'One night his older brother's friend that was spending the night walked in on him when he was jacking-off. His only comment was, Good form kid.'

Steve reached for his bottle of baby oil, squirted some on his dick, looked over at me and said, 'You don't mind do you.' My answer, was 'Hell no, and a matter of fact I will just join you. Let me borrow your baby oil.' He tossed the bottle over to me and I used the oil and we both jacked until we had warm ropes of cum all over our stomachs. We have repeated this ritual every night and many mornings, a great benefit of not having a class until 9:00 a.m. each day. Steve is a great room-mate. He is a great Christian, he is committed to wedding night virginity and he loves his body as much as I love mine [if we are in the room we are naked]. I am also a Christian, and I am also committed to wedding night virginity. Also, another important thing true of both of our lives is that neither are consumers of porn.



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