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Room Mate

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Why hide in your own room.


This past summer I went to my freshmen orientation in Abilene. I got there on a Friday and orientation was finished on the following Friday, I was there for a week and then classes started in late August. I met my roommate, Andrew, at lunch on Friday. He is a great guy, six feet tall about 180 pounds, has a great athletic look. Blonde curly bushy hair, about six inches long and cut. I am six feet four inches tall and I weigh 200 pounds. I have black curly bush hair, and like Andrew I am cut and about six inches long.

Friday night when we got to the room Andrew went into the bathroom and when he came out of the bathroom he was wearing pajamas. Now I ask you: Have you ever seen a guy wearing pajamas? I thought this was really strange. I have slept naked all of my life, my dad sleeps naked and he started putting me to bed naked right after I got out of diapers.

Andrew went to his bed and lay on top of the covers. I stripped down to my briefs and lay on my bed. As soon as Andrew turned off the TV I slipped off my briefs. Normally, as soon as I get into I bed I jack-off. I just laid there with a hard dick. I looked over at Andrew and as soon as I thought he was asleep I jacked-off and went to sleep.

Saturday morning I got up to go pee and I looked over at Andrew. He was sound asleep and his dick was as hard as hell and it was sticking through the fly of his pajamas. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I heard Andrew moving about the room. I was on my back, uncovered, and I had a hardon. I guessed it was ok, I had seen his hard dick, now he had seen my hard dick. I pulled the corner of the sheet over my dick.

Skipping forward: Saturday night Andrew came out of the bathroom in his briefs and went over to his bed. Once again I waited until I thought he was asleep and I jacked-off. Early Sunday morning I awakened with morning wood. I started to get up and go pee, but I heard something from Andrew's side of the room. He was quietly and slowly playing with his dick. He was under his sheet, but there was no doubt about what he was doing.

I got up and walked to the bathroom and peed. I flopped on my bed and I then asked Andrew if he had any lube. He asked with a question in his voice 'What?' I repeated and ask him again if he had any lotion. I told him I forgot mine. He then ask me why I wanted lotion? I told him that I liked to use hand lotion, baby oil, or KY when I jacked-off. I ask him if he ever used any lube. Now remember I know that he has been jacking-off. He told me he had some in his shaving kit. I asked if I could barrow a squirt and he told me sure. I then asked him to toss it to me.

Andrew was naked and he did not really know what to do. Stand up and reveal his naked body or come up with some reason not to get out of bed right then. He slowly got out of the bed, he was really hard. He went over to his closet and tossed me his hand lotion. He went back to his bed. I took a squirt of the hand lotion, lubed up my hard dick. I then tossed the bottle of hand lotion back to Andrew. I asked him if he ever used lube when he jacked-off and he told me that he did not jack-off that often and that he had never used lube.

I told him to try it that he would like it. I jacked-off for the next few minutes and shot a small load, since I had shot a load the night before. Andrew took a squirt of the lotion and sure enough he enjoyed it. He shot a big load all over his stomach. His load was huge, but he shot after just a few strokes. I found out that Andrew did not jack-off every night like me. He tried not to jack-off and only did it ever few days. I told him I thought he was nuts. He told me he thought that maybe jacking-off is some kind of sin. I told him God created hard dicks and jacking-off was the right way to deal with a hard dick before marriage.

By Sunday night Andrew was sleeping naked and jacking-off every night and most mornings just like me. We have been roommates now for a semester. Andrew and I both jack-off for the same reasons: it feels great and we are both virgins and plan to be until we get married. Long live masturbation!!!!!!!!!!



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