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Role Playing 2

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Well it was going to happen tonight.Mom was cooking and preparing a romantic dinner for the three of us.Wine,candles the whole thing.I could tell she was getting excited as I was too.Eddie was to arrive at 8pm, about 7.30 Mom asked me if I would keep watch on the stove as she prepared herself for our guest.She went to the bathroom taking care of her needs.Showering and putting on her makeup. Well she came out a short time later.Wow was she beautiful.She was going to greet our guest and have dinner wearing a black sheer teddy.This left nothing to the imagination.I could see her big tits with large dark nipples.the sheer black panties she had on showed everything .Covering nothing.All her dark pubic hair was just trying to bust out.When you talk about a hairy pussy Mom had it.I could see her chubby flabby ass as she turned modelling the teddy.Will he like it?I think he will cum in his pants when he gets here. He arrived on time.Mom wanted to answer the door.Wearing the teddy.As he entered handing her a bottle of wine.She put her arms around him giving him a kiss hello.When I say a kiss.I mean a kiss with tongue.I thought he was going to blow his oats right there. We then went inside having dinner,then went to the living room to finish our wine.I was sitting on the couch and Eddie on a chain across from me.My mom went over and sat on his lap.She got things going.Kissing and touching.Eddie put his hands on her chubby ass.I got off the couch and went over to the two of them. I took off my top and opened my pants.Letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them.I took off my bra standing in front of Mom and Eddie.With only my panties. Mom took us both to her bed room,undressing Eddie.For the first time I was touching Mom's tits.they were so big and soft.Holding them as Eddie started to suck them.mom took control of what was happening. Looked like I was going to be first.Laying me down on the bed.Eddie sucking my tits and Mom was was touching me down below.She seemed very comfortable around a pussy.I was shaking.Then with out any warning Mom went down on me.It was the most intense feeling I have ever experienced in my life.It took only about five minutes for total female pleasure.My legs were shaking for a couple of minutes after my orgasm.When I calmed down it was Mom's turn to have pleasure.I was only hoping I would be able to do to her what she did to me. Eddie was kissing her and taking care of her tits.He kissed his way down to her beautiful hairy pussy.He got things going.We were about to share a pussy.I was looking at it thinking Wow I am going down on my mom.Wow...nervously I went down on her.This was the first pussy I have ever had.Eddie and I took turns eating her out.Then he let me take over.I took my mother over the edge.She had a good strong orgasm.I can't believe I took another woman to an orgasm. She now was going to take care of Eddie.His cock was already erect as you might guess.I let Mom take control with this one.I knew she wanted to suck him off.As he got comfortable on the bed.Mom took his cock and stroked it a few times.Before going down on him.My boyfriend was bucking as she sucked him off.She was on her knees with her ass up in the air when doing this.I got behind her playing with and exploring her big ass.Wetting my finger with her pussy juice I stuck it deep up her asshole.She let out a sigh of pleasure.never missing a beat sucking his dick.He stared whispering.. OH MARCIA I GOING TO CUM!!!!OH SHIT I CANT HOLD BACK!!!!I said go ahead baby let it out...Let it out. He came with gusto and force.Cumming in Moms mouth.Seem like she likes the cum.I was still rubbing her big ass as we came to a rest. The time was getting late.We must have fallen asleep.Waking up in the early morning.Eddie and Mom were still asleep.Mom was still holding him.I got up to shower and get ready for the day.Coming back to the bed room.There were the two of them at it again.Mom on her back legs up and Eddie showing her how much he love pussy.He was so engrossed in eating her out they did not even know I was in the door way watching.I then watched Mom take care of Eddie as I sat on the chair in the bed room watching.I was not in need of any attention so I left the two alone and went to prepare breakfast.I know they went once more before showering and coming to breakfast.I don't know if he fucked her or that was going to be another time.Knowing my Mom as I do, anything could have happened..



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