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Role Play Rush

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I have been very lucky. My family are rich and I went to a private UK boarding school that is far too well known to mention here. I have a loving partner and we have a great sex life... but then there was this series on the TV that led to something wonderful....


Misfits is about a group of Young Offenders. One of the characters is, what I understand, is called a 'Chav.' She is badly spoken and totally foul mouthed. 'Mouth like a sewer' my partner says.

We were making out in the garden last week. Nothing much, just a little kissing and touching, when my lover said 'I bet this is what that chav does too. She can't be getting sex at home, so I bet she does it out in the open.' I said 'Yes, I think you are right, and I imagine that she isn't above having a grope rather than full sex.' My partner kissed me a little harder. 'Yes, and I bet she is really dirty mouthed about it.'

I breathed into his mouth as I kissed him 'You mean she might say' (and I put on a really common accent) 'Put yer 'and on me fuckin' tit.'

Well, Allan nearly exploded. He shoved his hand up under my top and grabbed me hard. 'You little slut.' I got really into the role

'Ohh yeah.. Ohh you fuckin' arsehole... finger me!'

Allan shoved his hand up my skirt like I was trash. 'Gimme your hole, slut.'

I felt him plunge into me with at least three fingers I ground my hips against him and, oh my, the WORDS I used! 'Finger fuck me, yer fuckin' bastard'.

I came into his hand so hard. Then I got his cock out and wanked him harder than I can ever remember him being. (Afterwards, he told me that he was so hard it actually hurt him)

To add a little more spice to the moment, I pretended to resist, but kept up the role. 'Yer not fuckin' me. I aint no piece of trash yer can do what yer fuckin' want with.'

Allan shoved me hard up against the fence and spun me around with my back to him. 'You're my bitch, and you'll do what I want WHEN I want. If I want to rape you, I'll DO it.'

I can't say what he did to me next, but I tell you, I came so hard, I actually fainted.

When I recovered, I was lying on the lawn with my tights torn and my knickers were full of sperm. Allan stood over me with his softening cock still out and dripping onto my stomach. I don't know what made him do it, but he seemed to read my mind.

He peed on me.

It was THE most erotic thing anyone has ever done. Of course, I wanted to do something equally disgusting, so I crouched down and peed into my sperm-soaked knickers.

Now our sex life up to this point has been 'normal' if there is such a thing. But now, role play and fantasy have taken hold. I have put my old school uniform on for him. (It still fits) And I don't mean I dress up like a trashy porn-star version. I do it properly and when done, I look every inch the innocent sixth form public schoolgirl. Allan then seduces me, (or rapes me) whatever mood I am in.

I find I am less interested in shagging, (another word I have come to love using) but I am totally into being fingered or sucked in unusual places AND in role. Allan has made me come on a train, on a bus, and even on the flightdeck of a 737. (He is a cargo pilot, and the aircraft was in a hangar for maintenance at the time. I actually managed to get a thrust lever inside me.)I have been the innocent schoolgirl, the trashy Chav, and our next adventure is going to be doing something in a changing room in a store. And I am working on my 'whore' for him.

Tomorrow, I am getting a tattoo done on my lower back. Allan says he wants me to have a 'tramp stamp'. I love the thought of THAT.

What I really want though, is to see another girl make him spunk. I don't mind if she knows I am watching or if I am hidden somewhere. I just love the thought of someone getting him off and then, when she leaves, he does me with her scent all over him. mmmmm

Well, I can't TELL you how wet this has made me. I just HAVE to do something about it. Bye Bye.



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